Moviestarplanet Hack, Cheats & Tips for Diamonds & StarCoins

Looking to go through an entire adventure through making an avatar who you can play as and go out and meet other people who play the game as well?  We have found the game for you.  Created by MovieStarPlanet, Movie Star Planet is the game that will allow you to try and climb the ultimate ladder to stardom and total popularity.  Movie Star Planet is available for iOS devices with a compatibility of 5.1.1 or later.  Usually, any device will be able to download this game unless you are picking up your old dusty iPod touch and forgot to download the most recent update for a while for iOS devices.

Movie Star Planet is on its version 9.2 which is very good considering that it has gone through a lot of work in order to get to this point.  By going through more versions, you know that Movie Star Planet is a pretty popular game so that they will update the game and add additional content to it to make it fresh for existing players.  Movie Star Planet is available to anybody of almost any popular language.  This means that you could be finding other players from all around the world, just showing off the amount of diversity that Movie Star Planet has. Movie Star Planet is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Movie Star Planet is the game of pretty much free customization, especially if you are willing to spend some money on the game.  With players from around the world and a ton of players who play the game daily, you will surely on your way to making some new friends from every walk of life.  In Movie Star Planet, players will get to go out shopping and make some money to get some new clothes or get a new pet for themselves to keep them company.  Think of this game like a Sims game except you only control yourself and not other people as well.  You will get to take care of a pet of your very own who will keep you company throughout the game as well as get to play some mini games in order to earn extra cash that you might need in order to continue customizing your look to be the best around.

Movie Star Planet also offers some youtube videos from the app itself for players to watch in order to see how other people are customizing their character and how they can do it for themselves.  What makes Movie Star Planet stand out from others is that it allows players to both dress the best and then also be able to design your own clothes.  This is unique in that, other games usually only allow you to buy or purchase some clothes after spending money or spending some in-game currency in order to get the clothes from the store, but Movie Star Planet is different in that it allows you to design your own clothes to your liking.  

MovieStarPlanet Hack for Diamonds & StarCoins

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Cheats and Tips for Movie Star Planet 

There aren’t too many tips that I can give you for Movie Star Planet because it is simply a designing game where you get to design your own clothes and create your own avatar.  So I’m not going to try and give you tips on how to make your own avatar.  You will get to choose how you like them to be and how you like them to look.  


The only tips that I would give you is to be nice to other people in the game even though you can’t see them and to simply try your best in the mini games.  Being nice to other people is important because Movie Star Planet can get a bit lonesome because you don’t have other people playing with you, but if you do have other people who want to play with you, it makes the game a lot more fun and exciting.  So being nice to other people is important if you don’t want to get immediately bored of the game.  It is also just some good manners to be nice to other people online even if you can’t see them in real life. I just say to try your best in the mini games because they are average mini games that don’t really require any help in order to get higher.


It is simply out of skill that you get better at the mini games as well as practice.  Lastly, I would say that if you want to experience the entire game, you will need to purchase the VIP for a decent amount of real money.  You have to get the VIP because it contains the entire game and unlocks things that you wouldn’t be able to do without the VIP.  For example, there are clothes that are available which are VIP only as well as pets which are also VIP only.

Movie Star Planet Review

I think that Movie Star Planet is a really good idea for a new fresh kind of app game because ti does have that different aspect of being different from other games in the concept of it.  I do wish that they changed the animation a bit on the game because right now it kind of feels awkward and unnecessary with some of the actions of the avatars.  


They don’t really look that real, but if that was their intention, then that is fine.  I do like the amount of gameplay that is available with the making new friends and getting a pet to take care of as well as other different topics of gameplay, but I don’t like how some of it is locked because the game wants you to use real money.  


They should just make the entire game free and make it really difficult to get those VIP items, but still possible without having to spend any money.  That would make an ideal game because you are getting people to spend more time on the game which will get other people to play the game as well.



I would give Movie star planet a 10/10 for the artwork.

The artwork for this game was quite a treat. Everything from the main screen onto the rest of the game was absolutely colourful! This game is supposed to make you feel like you are a celebrity and all, and the colourful nature of the game certainly makes you feel like you are actually a celebrity with all your high glitz and glamour choices just from the beginning of the game.

Music and SFX

I would give Movie star planet a 8/10 on the SFX, as for music I didn’t hear any no matter where I was in the game. I looked for a settings option but it wasn’t there.  

The sound effects on the games that I played on Movie star planet was very well adjusted to whatever game that I was playing at the time. If I was playing the quiz game the sound effects felt like they actually belonged to the game. The only problem I have with it is they seem a little loud no matter what volume you have your device set at. I’d be playing the game and it’d be nice but then all of a sudden a loud sound effect scares you. It’s not the biggest of things but it’s enough to just make you a little wary when playing the game and having the sound on at the same time especially when out in a public place and don’t have headphones to listen to it.

Story and Originality

I would give Movie Star Planet 9/10 for originality and it doesn’t look like there’s much of a deep backstory to this game. It just seems like you appear in a city where you are a movie star and you get to do things that other movie stars would do. Now, as for originality this game certainly has it. I myself don’t typically games like these, but this is certainly an original take on the celebrity lifestyle and is done up so that younger ages can enjoy the lavish lifestyle.

General Gameplay

I would give Movie Star Planet a 10/10.

This game was pretty fun to play, I think it would be even more enjoyable if I was into the celebrity style games, but overall is was still a very fun experience. The minigames in it are a blast to play and I can see why they are able to have tv ads for it. The social part of the game is a very important part to this, and it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy it. I can see why many people would play this and how they can make money by performing the micro transactions that can be used to make this game go a little quicker. I really liked the character customization as well. Although there could be more details added in by the game developers around the eyes,lips etc etc. If they added the extra part for a bit extra character customization it could propel the game a long way.

The two different currency systems within the game is quite cool as well. Having the coins which are fairly easy to obtain and then the gems which are difficult to obtain, but the user can pay money to get more of them is a genius system. Also the wheel spinning can add a certain fun portion to thh game where it’s random how much money you get but you always get enough that it keeps you coming back for more. Something else that I really enjoyed about this game was the gifts into the coins. Having the coins bounce around the screen and then need to be pressed before going into your wallet allows the user to feel like they are actually making that money. It also keeps them playing for longer and it was pretty funny having to chase the coins and the experience stars across the screen before being able to grab them.

Something else that is always important about games like this is the ad placements and how often they appear. During my playing time(about an hour) I don’t recall seeing even one ad. This is quite interesting but also very understandable considering how much money the company would make from people doing the microtransactions during the game. The social community on there is good fun as well. Having the ability to meet other users through this game is a good alternative to social media and is safer for parents who worry about their children having information stolen by meeting the wrong person or by accidentally sharing something that they shouldn’t have online. Having it in a controlled situation like this and where all the people are doing the same thing is a great way for children to learn about social media while staying safe in the Movie Star Planet world of celebrities.

Having the kids shop for clothes can also be a good experience to have. Showing them that stuff can be very expensive is a great learning opportunity as well. The clothing (I hate to admit it) was also a very fun part about the game. Having the ability to shop for clothes to customize your character with was actually a blast. I had no idea that simply shopping for clothing during a game could be so much fun! Having all the characters at the start was also a good feature about the game, it gave you an opportunity to see just how far your character could come and how good it could look just with a bit of clothing added to the situation. Buying pets was also a fun part to the game, the pets looked incredibly cute and like in real life they were also expensive. I thought it was an interesting portion of the game when it showed the top 50. The top 50 feature could be a real selling point for some kids as they can see what the top player in the world looks like and how they’d spend money just to look like that person as well.


I would give Movie Star Planet a 10/10.   

This game is quite easily an addictive game. Having to make all the money doing different tasks just to buy more clothing or having a pet is a quite fun experience. This could be a game that can be played while waiting for someone or in between a flight for example. Having a few minutes means you could make a few coins from the quiz mini game. Theres a lot of things that can be done in only a few minutes with this game, which can be a real helping factor to having an addictive game. Most people will play a game and call it quite addictive as they can do certain things in a short amount of time which is all the time that some people have to play games on their day, but they can spend that time on Movie Star Planet and still have time to go on with the rest of their day. Although this game is really geared at kids, the short time spans for getting things is also a good selling point for kids as they don’t want to be waiting around for more lifes to regenerate like on candy crush.

Overall Rating

Overall, I would give Movie Star Planet a 10/10.

This game is a cute little game that can be very addictive and can help children greatly. It not only can be used as a tool for enjoying the game, but also teach them about the dangers of social media and how expensive items (such as clothing or pets) can be in the real world. The artwork on the cartoon characters is superb. I think that maybe adding a bit of slow or upbeat music could do this game a lot of good though. No music (at least from what I had) can either be a good thing or a bad thing for a game. On one hand, people who play their games quietly aren’t missing out on anything, but on the other hand people who enjoy listening to the in game music will be missing out on the immersion gained from listening to the music in the game.

The originality and gameplay are definitely a selling point in this game, as it shows how much you can truly be different from other people even in a game as simple as this. This game can be quite the time killer if waiting somewhere and you want to just do a quiz or get a few more coins so you can save up for that certain shirt or dress that you were saving up for. It’s an excellent game because of the fact that it requires no upkeep whatsoever (just a few minutes a day, and you’re good)and there’s no waiting while you play the game.



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