Punch Quest Tips & Cheats for Punchos & Coins

Punch Quest is a two dimensional side scrolling infinite running game that incorporates themes and facets of retro arcade style fighting games. Run through darkened dungeons as a muscular warrior man or woman, dressed in a variety of clothing options which you get to customize. Battle with creatures and ghouls who want to prevent you from accessing the secrets of the dungeons. There are flying bats, undead skeletons, zombies, vampires, and wraiths to name just a few of the many evil creatures you will encounter in the dungeons.

Punch Quest was developed by Rocketcat Games and published for Android and iOS devices by Noodlecake Studios Inc. back in 2012. Since then Punch Quest has seen a surge in popularity and millions of downloads on the iTunes App Store, the Google Play Store, and more recently on the Amazon App Store as well. With at least 4 star reviews on each of these respective sites it’s no surprise that we’re still mentioning an older mobile game like Punch Quest years after its initial release. Due to its success, Noodlecake Studios has been consistently releasing updated versions of Punch Quest to satisfy its loyal fan base and to fix bugs and errors in previous versions.

On the iTunes App Store Punch Quest is available for devices running iOS 4.3 or later, Punch Quest is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch but it is optimized for iPhone’s 5, 6, and 6+. For devices running Android OS’s, Punch Quest requires Android 2.3 and up. For both of these OS’s Punch Quest is recommended for ages 9 and over due to cartoon violence, Punch Quest is free to download but offers purchases for digital content ranging from $0.99 to $14.99

75,000 Punchos Pack $1.99

Punchos Doubler$4.99

250,000 Punchos Pack$4.99

Donate a Buck $0.99

20,000 Punchos Pack$1.99

40,000 Punchos Pack$1.99

1,000,000 Punchos Pack$14.99

120,000 Punchos Pack$4.99

60,000 Punchos Pack$4.99

150,000 Punchos Pack$9.99

Even from the onset it’s evident that you’re dealing with a unique game with its own personality, there is far more to Punch Quest than meets the eye. Gameplay consists of a combination of quick impulsive movements which are immediate reactions to the in game obstacles, coupled with some strategic moves which can be utilized to advance quickly in the game. The overall tone is very silly and enjoyable for child and adult gamers alike. You can ride a dinosaur that shoots laser out of its mouth or become a gnome, it’s all up to you. Complete quests to gain fancy hats with magical powers or punch your way into Punch Quest history.

Although this is a one person game, you can link Punch Quest to your social media account, or your game center, to compare your score with your friends, family, and all Punch Questers around the world.

Punch Quest Hack for Punchos & Coins

Punch Quest is a very popular game. In order to win, you’ll need a lot of coins and punchos. They’re not that easy to come by. Download our free Punch Quest hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily get punchos and coins.

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This will begin the hack. After it’s completed, which will take 30 seconds or less, just open the app on your device. It will run like normal but your punchos and coins will be there, ready for you to use them!

Cheats and Tips for Punch Quest

Before you begin learning all of the great cheats and tips needed to take your Punch Quest journey to the next level, begin by familiarizing yourself with the controls and viewing options, mastering these is the first step towards mastering Punch Quest.


There are two layout options for viewing Punch Quest, vertically and horizontally, which way you desire is up to you and there is no right or wrong orientation. When positioned vertically you can much more easily, and quickly, address the issues currently facing you. Also, the vertical integration allows better viewing of levels above and beneath your character. When positioned horizontally, you have the added bonus of being able to see much farther ahead and behind you.

In terms of attack moves, first, there are dash punches which are activated by tapping on the right side of the screen. Dash punches are your go to punch with the most range and they also increase your running speed. To quickly get from point A to point B just dash punch along the route and you will get there much quicker than if you were to merely run. A dash punch propels you forward quickly and with force, if you are midair you can use a dash punch to move forward and attack a flying enemy.


Next are uppercuts, uppercuts are activated by tapping on the left hand side of the screen. Uppercuts are used for attacking opponents above you, or activating/breaking relics and items which are not directly in front of you. The uppercut attack is also your only way of jumping in Punch Quest, so use it to avoid enemies, get to higher platforms, etc. Keep in mind that uppercuts will slow you down significantly but they do more damage than dash punches.

Third are slams, these can be activated by tapping on the left hand side while you are already in the air. Slams are stronger and have a better range than uppercuts, and they will make you fall much more quickly than an uppercut would.


Lastly there is defending. Defending is one of the most important moves especially when facing an incredibly strong foe. By using two of your finger, tap on the screen simultaneously and your character will throw their arms up and come to a complete stop. Defending is the only way of stopping in Punch Quest other than getting outright killed.

Defense must first be unlocked in the in app game store. I highly recommend doing this as soon as possible as defending will be one of your main go to moves once you’re facing formidable opponents like bosses and high level wraiths, Frankenstein’s, etc.


Using a combination of these 4 moves will lead to an exponential rise in Punchos , the in game currency that is earned through completing runs and is used to purchase upgrades, customizations, clothes, shields, attacks, and abilities.

Punch Quest will get much harder as your progress, new enemies will appear and old enemies will be stronger than ever before. You can delay this by getting large combos as Punch Quest won’t calculate your level until combos are completed.

Any combo count of a least 30 hits will give you the most points possible, maintain your combo count by receiving any damage and increase it quickly by launching enemies into the air, hitting them with a barrage of attacks while they’re airborne and flinging them into one another. Hitting torches and vases also extends your combo count so keep an eye out for those.

It’s O.K. to not want to deal with a monster when you’re low on health, just jump over them and save yourself the trouble. Once you get enough Punchos, head on over to the store to pick up some very useful new attacks and abilities.


There is Power 1 which are low level attack upgrades, there is power 2 which are mid-level upgrades, there is Super which has high level upgrades, and Ultra which is where you will find the most elite upgrades at the highest cost. To save coins, I would recommend holding off on customizing your character until later in Punch Quest because early on you will need as many coins as possible and customizing only makes your character appear different but it doesn’t make them any stronger.

Punch torches which will turn into projectile flaming missiles once you do. A similar effect occurs when you punch vases and piles of skulls which when punched will fly towards, and damage, your opponent.

Knowing your opponent can be just as effective as having the tools to take them down. Here are some tips, tricks, and cheats to overcome even the strongest monster.

The purple bats may seem harmless at first but they can become a serious nuisance since they like to attack you while you’re already dealing with another monster. To overcome this, attack them first before you get to stronger opponents and remember that the green and blue bats are much stronger than the purple ones.

The most dangerous monster, not including the bosses, is the cackling skeleton with red electricity pulsing out of him. If you jump he will try to impale you with his spear so trick him with a fake early jump and then run under him and attack with a dash punch. Similarly, you can attack wraiths by jumping up and slamming them to avoid those deadly glowing hands.

Punch Quest Review

Punch Quest was an incredibly fun game with a retro theme. I really enjoyed the whole experience it was very fun and amusing, it’s obvious that the developers were especially attentive to minute details such as throwing in the occasional joke or pun to liven you up when you were stuck on a particular level. Random surprises such as an egg turning you into a gnome, or riding a giant laser shooting dinosaur were all unexpected which made for a very enjoyable experience.

Punch Quest works on two levels, as merely an arcade game that you can pick up when you’re bored, or as a game you can pick up time and time again, utilizing strategy and fine tuning your character as part of a long term objective of unlocking features and finishing the quests.


General Gameplay 8/10

Gameplay was exciting and there were always great surprises waiting around the corner. There was also a good variety of different gameplay scenarios. This aspect was crucial in keeping me engaged throughout a level. Also, the addition of customization options and unlockables was a great addition for promoting motivation to continue playing in the long run.

Originality/Creativity 9/10

Combing the classic 2d action adventure game with 80s/early 90s motifs with an infinite running game , a genre only recently gaining popularity, all the while maintain the simple endearing qualities of a joystick on a mobile smartphone is no easy task. The developers did a great job of tastefully combining the two to create an experience that felt authentic.

Music/FX 7/10

The music and special effects were masterfully created to complement the overall themes of Punch Quest. However, there could have been more variety for each specific scenario, as well as more activity specific sounds.

Addictiveness 9/10

Punch Quest is absolutely addictive in the positive sense of the word. Punch Quest will have you coming back for more and that’s because there’s something in this game for everyone.

Graphics/image 7/10

I really enjoyed the barebones retro graphics before the most recent update which polished up the look to resemble more recent games. I thought this was a poor decision by the developers, people love this game because it is so gritty.

Overall 8.0/10



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Racing Moto Cheats & Tips for Money & Gems

Want to race against your friends or some bots in a retro game that is too cool for the coolest players to play?  We have found the game for you.  Made by Atalay Seker, Racing Moto is the most retro racing game in the app store and is now open to all devices who has a compatibility of an iOS version 5.0 version or higher.  This brings the issue of compatibility, however, most recently updated devices should have an iOS version of at least 6.0, but it is still a problem if your device is very old.  There have been no updates since the game’s release on March 4 of 2014 which is pretty concerning to players who are looking for a game that updates often and keeps up with what is trendy.

This will also affect players who get the game and the game crashes on them.  This seems to be a common occurrence with games that don’t update at all.  If the producers want this game to be more successful, they are going to have to be adding a couple updates to this game to keep the game fresh for players so it doesn’t bore players out after the first hour of play.  Racing Moto is available in pretty much any language because the only real instruction that you need to know is to have some knowledge of trying to race someone else as well as the “GO” start that appears on your screen.  So the game doesn’t really even need to change languages in order for players from different countries who don’t understand english to know how to play Racing Moto. You can also get Racing Moto on the Google Play Store.

Racing Moto is a game that is essentially just like any other racing game that you might experience.  You start the game out trying to face against bots who are just average at driving and it isn’t really too difficult to beat them.  But as the difficulty ramps up, you will have to use some driving skills and power-ups to keep yourself ahead of the game.  Racing Moto always seems to have a night time mode on so it looks pretty retro but it really just seems like it is always night time in the game.  The game essentially starts out with the computers being able to have that speed boost in the beginning so that they are ahead of you, but then as you gain speed, you will manage to catch back up to them eventually.  You should also note the score in the upper left hand corner is just based on how far you go in the game and isn’t really important.  So yes, overall, this game  is like any other racing game except it lacks any kind of exciting or fun extras that make a racing game unique.

Racing Moto Hack for Money & Gems

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Click the big “start” button to begin the hack. After the hack has finished, which should only take about 30 seconds, open the app on your device like normal. Your money and gems will be ready.

Cheats and Tips for Racing Moto

In Racing Moto, there are only a few number of tips that I can possibly give you because it is like any other game that is a racing game.  In Racing Moto, you just treat it like your average racing game.  Look for all the power-ups and then go for them so that you can get a bonus against the other car and get ahead of them.  After you are ahead of them you can stay ahead of them by simply maneuvering around so that you always stay ahead of them.


This will stop them from getting ahead of you and allow you stay in the lead for the entire time.  If you are behind them, then you should really try and wait for an opening where they are not paying attention and get ahead of them by simply speeding up gradually until you are ahead of them.  After that, you can input the strategy above and be completely fine when it comes to trying to stay in the lead for the entire game.  


Racing Moto is not a complex game at all and should be really easy to understand and play after a while.  After that, it is the small things that will get you ahead of the other car so that you can get that small lead over them and then take over the entire game.  It is really easy and really simple because there is absolutely nothing about this game which makes it unique or special from other games.

Racing Moto Review

I think that Racing Moto really needs to work on the graphics and gameplay of the game.  It lacks a lot of gameplay that it should have so that it can compare to other games of a similar caliber because right now, it is pretty boring after the first hour of gameplay.   If they simply added some more gameplay and power-ups or different levels to the game, it would be significantly more exciting and more fun to play.  But right now, it is lacking in all of those categories.  It needs some more gameplay to make the game more exciting and it needs to have some more work done to the artwork of the game because right now, it is sad compared to the games that are currently popular in the app store.  So overall, it simply needs to improve almost all aspects of the game and really look to try and improve the game through updates.


I would recommend this game to anyone who is under the age of 17 because I’m sure that anyone who was older than 17 would have a much easier time just playing a different game that would be a lot more exciting and what this game is.  I think that anyone under 17 might be oblivious to the lack of the amount of work done to this game.




I would give Racing Moto, by Atalay Seker a rate of 5/10 based on artwork. I believe that racing moto has been put a lot of backbone into. First of all, the the artwork isn’t very good, but it isn’t very horrible as well. It is in-between in the scale. The artwork itself can be improved if the producer put a bit more effort into this game. Although the artwork is in between, it can be improved by adding more animation.  If the producers decided to put some more work and effort into making the artwork a bit better, I think that the game would overall, be better and be more fun to look at and play.  A game that doesn’t have good graphics isn’t attractive to anyone when they first look to download it, so it might turn away people from downloading the game just due to the poor artwork in the game.  If Atalay Seker, the creator of Racing Moto, put some more effort into making the game more of a beauty of artwork instead of letting the artwork be in its own little category, then the game would be a lot better and a lot cleaner.

Music and SFX

I would rate racing moto a 7/10 based on music and SFX. Why? I give them such a decent rating because for a racing game, the producer has the right idea. He blends in the game with the right type of music causing the game itself to a bit more attractive. It is not annoying as there are people who listen to these songs normally in their everyday life. Also even though the sound effects need a bit more improvement on, This producer does have the right idea once again. Overall the music spurs the person who plays the game to enjoy and relax while they focus on driving. This is why I give Racing moto such a decent rating based on music and SFX.

Story and originality

I would rate racing moto a 5/10 based on story line and originality. The reason behind this is because there is no backbone towards this storyline. You start off with four boosts, thirty missiles you can use to shoot the cars that are incoming. You can use shields to block one attack when you smash towards another enemy car. You also have a speed booster for a limited time, and several magnets which repels cars that are approaching you. With this, you can choose between three different colors of racing cars, blue, green, and last but not least yellow. Once you chosen your motorcycle the game begins. Once the game begins, the problem starts here as well.

There is no story behind this what so ever, nor any originality. You basically start off by choosing a motorcycle and you just drive to however far you may get. Similar to the game Subway Surfer, but the graphics and updates there are more frequent, as well as the animation. The big reason of why Subway Surfers was a success is because they were able to create a similar format like Racing moto, but they have more effects, animation, better graphics, as well as time consuming producers. Racing moto can be the next biggest app in the appstore with a few reasons of improvement. One, you may not need a storyline, as most games just go straight into the topic. But you must consider having an active form of somewhat ideas, updates, and events. You must also support your own biddings by advertising the game itself. This game currently does not even have an official trailer…

Although it may not need a trailer you should consider having a revision towards this game. With an improvement towards your goal of revision, you will have more reviews and rates in the appstore causing a collision of both expanding the popularity of the game itself, and spurring more attention towards you future games that you may release. Overall once again this is the reason why I would give racing moto a 5/10 based on storyline and originality.

General Gameplay

Based on general gameplay for racing moto, I would give this a 7/10. The reason I give this rating especially so high is because it is a stable game. Im sure we all downloaded a lot of racing games whether it’s in our childhood or if it is currently the present. This game although may lack some animations, and graphics as well as originality. There is a bright side towards this game as well. If you have been looking for a racing game that does not lag at all, well good news, you found it ! This game does not lag as far as the duration I have played and spent on this game. Although there is no background of the game, this game starts off with a racing style simulator. You race and tilting the screen to whichever direction you wish allows the motorcycle to go right or left. But once you reach to one of the side a bit too much what happens is your speed decreases.

You start pedaling on your motor automatically and you speed up once again, so that is not a problem at all. You main objective is to reach as far as you can without crashing towards another car. It may seem difficult because the speed increases but the bright side is the producer themselves provide you some buffs such as multiple magnets you have in stock as well as missiles that come in handle during tight situations. For example, the magnets allow you to repel incoming cars that are coming a bit too close, and wish to crash and end your journey of a high score. Missiles are for close quarters, for example if you happen to be in a high speed and a car in front of you randomly pops out, you have the ability to click and launch a missiles that they produce for you. Although there is a speed buff perk as well, both magnets and speed buff are only for a limited time.

To track how much time is left on the buff you used, you can glance over at wherever you pressed and activated the perk. Last but not least let’s not forget the last perk which is an armor. It does not have a time limit but it is only a one time use once activated. When you click on it, a small sphere like object rotates around your motorcycle and you are invincible towards one direct impact of an incoming car.  You mustn’t forget that this game has its own positive and negative feedbacks. Once the developer decides to be more active then I am positive that this game might reach the scales of being noticed on the app store world wide! The fact that you are able to race that is lag free is absolutely the best positive impression you could ever want.


For addictiveness I would rate racing moto a 6/10. In fact, it can be improved to almost an eight if the producers worked on more. The music calms your mind and allows you to focus on the driving via tilting the screen left or towards the right. The power ups or you may call it perks allow you to survive longer. The different availability of languages also allows different users to adjust to their own comfort zone and play. This is also a good game to play when there is no internet or wifi available in your area. Although this game is very solid due to the common reasons of graphics, animations, and the originality,  I find this game a bit addicting myself as I have played for at least an hour of this myself.

For once, I wasn’t able to let my hands off of my phone because I was in a stable position of points of high score! Be sure to tell your friends to download this app if you want to have a competition with your buddies. See how far you guys can get and compare. Show off your skills. If you get to have this competition between your friends, I’m sure that the game would be more addicting even if the game kind of failed to intrigue you from the initial artwork of it all.  The competitiveness of this game is what really drives players to keep on playing.  They want to be better than their opponent, so they spend more and more time on the game trying to reduce the amount of time that it takes for them to cross the finish line and thus, the game is more popular because people stick onto the game, show their friends, and get their friends to play.  It’s a good and fun cycle of a game’s life.  But none the less this is why I give addictiveness such a high rating. They have the right idea in terms of addictiveness and uniqueness.

Overall Rating

In conclusion, I would give Racing moto a rating of 7/10 mainly because the storyline, originality, and the effects, animations as well as the graphics brought it down. It can be improved once again like I have said.



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Offroad Legends Tips & Cheats for Money, All Cars & All Cups Unlock

Racing is a popular pastime for a great number of people in the world, no matter if they watch the races or take part themselves. One of the most challenging race types is the offroad racing, with it’s unpredictable roads and possibly dangerous obstacles. Offroad Legends saves you the trouble of any danger, and instead invites you to hop behind the virtual wheels of numerous monster trucks, behemoths and 4×4 off-roaders!

Offroad Legends is an offroad racing game by DogByte Games, the developer who is also behind Offroad Legends 2, Redline Rush and 8bit Ninja and Blocky Roads.

Offroad Legends has a rating of 4.3/5 stars on the Google Play Store, while having 4.5/5 stars on the Apple App Store. Most players speak highly of the graphics, various game modes and great number of vehicles in the game, yet we can’t help but check it for ourselves!

Offroad Legends Hack for Money, All Cars, All Cups Unlock

Want to unlock all Offroad Legends cars and cups without purchasing them, and get unlimited money? Download our free Offroad Legends hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily unlock all of the cars and cups, and get unlimited money fast.

Our Offroad Legends hack tool is very easy to use. Take a look at the image below to see what it will look like. All you have to do is download it and click “start.”


Download our Offroad Legends hack from our site. It should take 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it will take another 30 seconds to install. Make sure you choose Android or iOS. The cars and cups will automatically be set to unlock, but you’ll need to enter how much money you want.

Click the big “start” button to begin the hack. After the hack has finished, which should only take about 30 seconds, open the app on your device like normal. All of the cups and cars should be available to play and your money will be loaded.

Offroad Legends Background Info

When you first take a step into the the game, the first thing you probably notice is the impressive 3D graphics. Even in the menus the backgrounds are fully modelled, with great detail. It’s no doubt one of Offroad Legends’ strong points.

Fortunately the game isn’t limited to the pretty looks, it also has a lot to offer regarding its gameplay. There are three important menu buttons you can reach from the main screen: Career, Garage and Profile. These will be your assistants when navigating the game. Let’s take a look at the Career option first!

Career is the main part of the game, where almost all the action happens. This mode is the closest to some kind of story mode. Your career entails 10 different cups, each including 8 different levels that you will have to complete. Starting with your basic FireStar monster truck, you will have to prove your skills in the Monster Warmup, the first cup.

Each level is built up in a similar fashion, with a start line and a finish line, which you must reach under a specified time. The game rates your performance with 3 stars, depending on how long it took you to get to the finish. Whenever you fail a possible rating, the top of the screen will show you the time limit for the next, worse rating. Timing is key in Offroad Legends, no doubt about that!

Some levels also introduce a different mode, where your goal is not to reach the finish line as fast as possible, but instead you have to carry packages on your truck. Each package equals one star, so if none falls off until the finish line, then you did perfect!

Moving your car through levels is done by the simple 4 button controls system, which includes the accelerate, the brake and the two tilting controls. Accelerate is your main concern on most levels, but constantly accelerating will get you in trouble, as levels have bumps, obstacles and extreme heights from where your vehicle can fall. For this reason using the brake at the right moments is crucial, just as tilting your car after a jump can help with stabilizing it.

The game also takes your truck’s health into account, with the indicator shown at the bottom of the screen. This indicator starts from 100% and goes down whenever you damage your  vehicle. Damage can be very mild, taking off only a few percent per bumps, but when you fall from a very high slope, that can cost some of your truck’s wheels, or even cause it to explode. Losing wheels is non-lethal most of the time and you can continue sliding on, possibly reaching the finish line, but when your truck’s health drops below critical levels, that usually means you have to restart the whole level.

Now that we talked about the Career in Offroad Legends, let’s cover the Garage. As you successfully complete levels, you will get bux as a reward, which is the currency of the game. Unlocking new cups require you to spend bux, as well as buying new vehicles in the Garage is done with bux. The first few cups automatically unlock some basic vehicles, but any other will require you to cash in your hard earned bux.

The Garage has four different types of vehicles, each used for different cups: Monster trucks like the Black Widow or the Goliath, behemoths like the Karma truck or the APC, 4×4 off-roaders such as Wheely or a Buggy. The last type of vehicles are the fun cars, like the Rainbow bus or the FreezeCo icecream truck. There are 23 different vehicles overall, so there is much to collect!

Another feature the Garage offers is the Tuning of your cars. Activating the Tune interface will allow you to customize the wheels of any of your rides. Do you want your monster truck’s wheels to be three times as big as usual? You can do that. Want your icecream truck’s wheels to be extremely small and far from the body? You can do that as well! There is even an option to try out these weirdly tuned vehicles in test runs.

Don’t forget about the Profile menu of Offroad Legends either. This is where all of your achievements, statistics and badges can be checked, or you can look at the leaderboards. Badges are a feature that gives an easy look at how many cups have you completed so far, as each badge indicates a fully completed cup. It’s great to show these off to your friends, once you gathered all!

The statistics page is also worthy of a look, as it shows stats such as how many miles you took so far, what was the longest time your car was in the air, how long was your biggest jump, or even the number of wheel you lost during your offroad trucking career!

Offroad Legends gives its players multiple ways to get bux faster as well, including in-app purchases starting from 2500 bux for $0.99, or even 50,000 bux for $11.99. As for free options for extra bux, you can download sponsored apps, check out the developer’s other games or like them on Facebook.

Other than all these features, the game has some full screen and banner ads after every 3rd or 4th level. These are not too distracting overall, as there is a good amount of gameplay you can get between ads.

Cheats & Tips for Offroad Legends

Offroad Legends starts off as a simple offroad racing game, but soon after the first few levels you will realize it can be very hard to reach 3 stars on most levels. You might also wish for some cheats to get bux easier. For this reason I’m here today to tell you about some cheats, tips and tricks.


As a first tip, you should keep in mind that Offroad Legends uses a damage system a little different than most similar games. As your car can be non-lethally damaged, there can be times when a lost wheel here and there don’t have to mean failure. If you lose some of your wheels, always try to move forward or tilt your car in both ways to see how much can it still move. There can be times when you can slide off a slope without any wheels left and still complete the level.

On the other hand, if you complete wreck your truck, or it even explodes, your only choice is to restart. Use this as an opportunity to think back on the design of the level and expect challenging parts before you get there. Avoid the same mistakes as before!


As another tip, if you are running low on bux, consider replaying earlier levels to gather some more. You can finish the same level any number of times and still get some bux for it, especially if you get an extra star to your previous rating. Going to the offers menu in the shop, you can also get 1400 bux immediately for tapping on 3 game icons.


I would suggest to spend your hard earned bux on unlocking cups, instead of buying a new vehicle at first. It’s not too easy to get a good amount of bux without cheats or spending real money, so spend it wisely!

Offroad Legends Review

I’m not sure what’s so addicting about these side-view racing games with tilt controls, but DogByte Games created something truly addicting in the form of Offroad Legends!


Before I start, I must mention how good looking this game is. It might not be entirely photorealistic, but it doesn’t even need to. The current visual style of this game is perfectly fitting to the gameplay and the possible destruction of roadsigns, blockades or even the trucks themselves.

The 23 different vehicles you can choose from offers a nice variety to the game, as well as all the different scenes on levels, including the snowy mountains, the canyons and the forests. The game seems to jump between all these scenes often, but it helps to keep the gameplay fresh.

Talking about gameplay, the controls are very responsive and are not unrealistic at all. Tilting a huge truck shouldn’t work as fast as tilting a smaller car, and Offroad Legends manages this very well. The thinking required for when you should step on the brakes and when can you accelerate without worries is also something that makes the gameplay more than just blazing through levels mindlessly. This combined with the possible destruction of your vehicle creates a great mix of simple gameplay and critical thinking.

I also really liked the fact that losing some of your wheels doesn’t automatically end the race and you can continue on as long as it’s physically possible for the truck to move. I won at least two races with a half destroyed truck during my playthrough, and it definitely felt great!


Regarding the Tuning option in the Garage, I didn’t really like that, as it doesn’t seem to have much of a point to it. You can make a weirdly set up car and drive it through levels, but there is no reward or any incentive for it, so I would rather pass on it.

As for buying new vehicles and the rate of bux earned, I feel there is some amount of grind required. If someone wants to unlock new vehicles as well, then it’s even longer to get anywhere. This is definitely a game for people who can get committed to it, as otherwise unlocking things will be a long and tedious process. This is probably my only complaint about Offroad Legends, but otherwise it’s a great pickup for anyone interested in offroad racing!


Artwork: The artwork of Offroad Legends definitely gets a 9/10. This game looks great, no questions about that. Even on dated devices, it can be a good looking racing game with its detailed vehicle models and backgrounds. The various scenes on levels are also great looking, be it the peaceful forests, the canyons or the snowy mountains.

Music & SFX: I give the music and SFX of this title an 8/10. The music is perfectly set to the mood of the race tracks, while the menu’s musical track accommodates tuning your vehicles or looking through your statistics, badges and feats. The SFX is mostly realistic, although destruction sounds could be a little more impactful.

Story & Originality: As for the story and originality of Offroad Legends, it deserves an 8/10. While the story of the game is not expressed heavily anywhere, the buildup and progress of the Career is a good substitute for it. The general promise is not too original though, but it’s well presented and there is almost nothing not to like about it.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay gets an 8/10 as well. The game is perfectly balanced out, as it’s not too easy, but not too hard either. Even when you reach later stages, each level can be completed without serious troubles. The Garage functions are also very much welcome, although it could be expanded in the direction of vehicle customizations. Detailed statistics, leaderboards, achievements and badges are also part of what makes this title worthy to spend time on!

Addictiveness: Lastly, I give the addictiveness of the game a 7/10. The gameplay can be extremely addicting, making you wish for just another level before you stop, but playing 5 more. The only part of the game that might make players tired of it is the low amount of bux gained. You either have to grind for bux to unlock later cups, or take it slow and play much less. Still, it’s a small price for this awesome game!

Overall Score: 8/10.



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My Candy Love Tips & Hack for Dollars & Action Points – New Cheats Available

Want to play a decision maker game where you get to make your own choices in order to have the best possible adventure of passion and love that you can?  This is most definitely the game for you.  Created by Beemoov, My Candy Love is the best possible love story where you are the person who makes the decisions on what happens in the game.  My Candy Love is open and downloadable for iOS devices who have a compatibility of 5.1.1 or later.  Most devices will have already had this update before, but if you haven’t had a update in a long while, then you might not be able to download My Candy Love.  This opens up the game to a lot more people so that they don’t have to put in any effort in order to download the game.

My Candy Love has a update in March 2 of 2015 where they updated the game to version 1.3.7 and allowed people to have a more smooth experience where they didn’t have as many bugs in My Candy Love.  My Candy Love is available in a ton of different languages, so you should be fine when it comes to trying to understand the game even if you don’t quite understand english too well.  The last update occurred on March 2 of 2015, so it is pretty average when it comes to updating constantly.  They could definitely do better, but it could also be a lot worse. My Candy Love is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

My Candy Love is a game of making your own decisions to decide the story of the game as a whole.  This decision based game is built episode by episode through text and choosing which episode that you want to go through by choosing which character that you are going to talk to or who you are going to approach.  This game is entirely up to you about who you will want to meet and how you will want to story to go through.  You start the game as a new high school student and you are able to meet the other students who are in the school as well as flirt with the guys if you are ambitious enough.  Through who you decide to talk to, you will be able to discover new episodes of adventure and be able to decide your own fate through the decisions that you are making in the game.  This is an entirely new type of game that is not used often in other games.

For each character that is in the game, there is a almost completely different storyline for the game as well as an ending for the characters who you talk to.  If you fail on getting a date with one of the hot guys in the school, then you might be able to replay it so that you can play your cards correctly.  If you do get to go out with a guy, then you can go through an ending where you get to be shown some illustration with you and your man.  Each character is different in their personalities and you are given the choice between each dialogue box for what you want to say.  Then, every single one is going to change based on your decision of what you say next.  So make sure that you are playing your cards correctly, then you will be able to get to go out with the next boy.

My Candy Love Hack for Dollars & Action Points

My Candy Love uses action points and dollars. You’ll need a lot of them to win at My Candy Love. Download our free My Candy Love hack tool to easily and freely get dollars and action points.

It’s very easy to use. Take a look at the image below to see how quick and easy using our My Candy Love hack tool is. Just enter the amount of action points and dollars you want.


Download our My Candy Love hack from our website. It takes 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it’ll install. This takes about another 30 seconds. Select Android or iOS. Then, enter how many action points and dollars you would like. Click the big, blue “start” button.

This should start the hack. Once completed — don’t worry, it’s very quick! — open the app on your device. It will run normally, but with the added benefit of your extra action points and dollars! Have fun!

Cheats and Tips for My Candy Love

I’m not sure what kind of tips that people want for this kind of game.  If you are looking to get every single guy in the game, then you should choose all of the cheesiest possible dialogue boxes because that will get you the guys.  This game is super cheesy in the fact that you are trying to get the guy and you all know the best possible choice whenever you see it because it is the cheesiest possible answer choice.  That will get you the girl every single time.


Other than that, you should be making the decisions yourself because this is an entirely decision based game where you have to make the decisions yourself.  So it is pretty much up to you about what you want to choose and how you want to progress with the story.  There are really no tips that I can give you about doing your best at a story that is based off of what players want, which will be different for every single person.


My Candy Love Review

I think that Candy Love has some really fun graphics because they kind of look like the animated characters that you see online.  I think that it makes the game a lot more exciting if you watch anime because it is somewhat like you are in an anime yourself.  I also do like the game format of the game and how it is completely decision based so that you get to choose what you want to do in the game.  I think that that is the future of the games where you have to kind of look to make your own decisions in the game.  


My Candy Love is also pretty customizable with the clothes that you can wear so that you can look however you want to look in the game with the clothes that they provide and see your character in action in the actual game.  I would like it if it were more non-gender biased so that you don’t have to play as a girl the entire game and you can simply just choose the boy option and you get a game that is completely different from this game except changing genders as well.  I would have appreciated a social aspect to this game so that you could communicate to other people about the game or have decently regular upgrades so that people don’t get bored after they play through each storyline.




I would give My Candy Love a 10/10 for the artwork.

Just my initial review for the artwork in this game is it’s amazing just even from the starting screen. You get the vibe that it might be a more anime/manga type of dating game just from the sheer drawing details that are in the title screen giving you 3 attractive boys that are hand drawn right from the title screen. The first character you meet, you can tell that a lot of the games focus (or at least the drawing board) is on the artwork and that the people who have done the artwork have put a lot of thought and effort into it! The second character has a lot of details in the hair and in the facial design and just the overall clothing on the character. The “auntie” of the storyline also has incredible detail in not only the eyes and hair but the incredibly detailed dress along with the wings that go along with it. The principal definitely gives you the vibe of an old creepy woman, such as the stereotype is for principals. Overall, this game quite possibly has the best artwork out there.

Music and SFX

I would give My Candy Love a 10/10 on the music and the SFX.

The music is a slow nice even beat to it just like a relaxing experience. The sound effects are very well done according to the actions that you press. For example, just pressing the button gives the standard *clack* sound which is an expected sound but nice to hear anyways. The *bling* noise that you hear when you pick up an item is also a good feature. The noise that gives you the quest marker in the sort of arcade noise is good because it makes sure that you understand what you have done and that you have indeed picked up a quest from a person.

Story and Originality

I would give  My Candy Love 7/10 for originality, but a 10/10 for the storyline.

There are many other games like this that are you go to a school or some other scenario and you have to figure out which guy that you want to do date, and then you do all these different things to get him to like you and then eventually you get to buy the outfit that you want to wear when you go out on your date with him. The big reason this doesn’t get a lower number than 7 is because it has a more manga feel to it with the artwork. Most other games look and feel just straight up more cartoony but this one feels like the characters have been drawn by hand, and personally I have not seen that done before with a game like this type. Even though this game is your typical meet them and date them type of game, it is extremely important that it sounds out from all of the other games. The thing that is nice about this one is it has the artwork first of all, but it also has a storyline to back it up with. Some of the games like this that will fail are ones that carry an incredibly weak storyline that people don’t want to follow up on because they don’t really have feelings for the character. This game explains the backstory (sort of) and teaches you how the school is going to be right from the start which is very nice to have.

General Gameplay

I would give My Candy Love a 9/10.

The tutorial is quick and simple it tells you what everything does and how it works, this is an excellent example of how a game tutorial should be, quick and to the point of what needs to be done and how to do it. It explains to you how the rooms work, how money works in this game and how the “love meter works”. Something that is also very helpful coming out of the tutorial mode is the fact that “auntie” gives you 100 AP. This is clever because it allows the player to become hooked on the game which will make them want to play it even more. They do this also because if the player becomes bored or cannot do anything right off the start they will turn the game off because they haven’t had a chance to understand what it is and don’t want to wait for too long to figure it out.

It is also nice that in the game they immediately talk to you about whos who at the school and what the storyline is. Although everything was explained in the tutorial and explained what you need to do to get your registration forms filled out, I couldn’t figure out where the heck to go. I clicked on all of the hearts but  could still not figure out where I was going. After a few minutes I found out that you could leave the school screen and that there was actually not only a main screen to find, but that you could also move it to the left and right. If that had maybe been a bit hinted on (I don’t know if I just simply missed it or not) that would have been very helpful. It would also help new users for that as well, because if they got stuck like me i’m assuming that some of them wouldn’t have taken the time to figure out what they were missing and simply have quit the game.

After getting that completed it was a simple stroll through the rooms to find out what the different characters needed and then hand in everything to the principal. The thing that I found interesting was when the principal sent you to look for a paperclip and it was small, so you had to look closely to find it sort of like a hidden object game. Another feature of the game was the scratch tickets. They were an interesting addition to the game as they didn’t cost AP but they let you get some extra cash if you needed any. It was also pretty fun to be scratching off the tickets. I went on a bit further into the game (until I ran out of AP points to spend. Used most of them trying to figure out the picture) after the first episode and found it was pretty much the same thing, which isn’t bad as it shows consistency in the game itself and gives the user a solid idea of what to expect from the game in the future episodes.

It is a quite cute game concept especially with the addition of your “old friend” from the old school to go along with the attractive boys at the new school. The ads in this game were also very non-intrusive/ not there at all. In my time playing this game I ran into only one ad and that was pretty much at the very start of the game. It’s nice to 1) not run into ads but 2) if you do run into an ad that it’s very out of the way and you only have to tap the screen an extra 1 or 2 times to skip over it.


I would give My Candy Love a 10/10.   

This game can be quite addictive if a dating simulator is your cup of tea. The whole concept of a dating game is fun, and with the addition of scratch tickets added to the game then it is possible to have fun (if you are a) lucky enough and b) have enough money to start with) even without AP to spend doing the main storyline. A good hook for this game is if you’re a fan of drawn characters and see anime/manga straight from the start of the game. This might not be the ideal game for waiting for someone as if you have enough AP and money to do the tasks that you want to do then it could take over the time that you might be waiting for them. But, if you are chilling at home this game is quite addictive and is very enjoyable.

Overall Rating

Overall, I would give My Candy Love a 10/10.

This game meshes together quite well with its take on the dating type of game, and the fact that the art is hand drawn. The sound effects are put in nicely, and the music fits the game quite well. The gameplay is simple enough and the tutorial to playing the game is an easy task to learn and to figure out. This game might also be one of the best go to school and date them games out there, as it is a wonderfully put together game which flows seamlessly. If this type of game is one that interests you then this is definitely the one that you should get!



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