LINE Puzzle TanTan Hack & Tips for Gems, Coins, & Hearts

Hello everyone! Today I have for you a review from an infamous Japanese mobile game company called LINE Corporation. LINE Corporation is well known for both their everyday life apps as well as fun, challenging, and cute puzzle games. LINE Corporation has developed a wide variety of puzzle games, such as LINE Bubble, LINE Pokopang, LINE PokoPoko, as well as LINE Pop and more. In majority of all of LINE Corporation’s games and lifestyle apps, they feature and showcase their company’s mascots and characters. However, in LINE Puzzle TanTan you will not see any of the familiar mascots faces in the game. The main protagonists in LINE Puzzle TanTan is pandas and the rest of the forest animals! They all live in the sleepy village peacefully, coexisting with one another, until someone stole their food. Tantan is the hero of the village, and you will be alongside with him to go on and once in a life time adventure to return all of the village’s food to its rightful owners! Get it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

LINE Puzzle TanTan is a game developed by LINE Corporation Company and it is a challenging but also simple puzzle game. It is rated E for everyone, so both children and adults can enjoy this game. In LINE Puzzle TanTan, all you have to do is tap two similar blocks and have either a green or yellow line appear. If a green and or yellow line appears, then that means the block will be cleared. However, if you tap two similar blocks together, and the color of the line that shows up is red, then this means that the two blocks cannot be cleared and you would need to retry. The rules are fairly simple, and there are always new and exciting stages and no two players would play LINE Puzzle TanTan the same.

Once you have become addicted and used to playing LINE Puzzle TanTan, you will be associating yourself with other game players. The game players, including yourself, are called Tantan players. In the latest update of this game, there is a new and introduced battle mode in the game. You can compete with your friends and players from all over the world. Besides enjoying yourself and showing who the boss in LINE Puzzle TanTan is among your friends and you, you can also use the special battle mode to your advantage. In the special battle mode, you get a special item from only that mode and you can use it to get an upper hand in the game. When you reach up to level 10 or higher, you can purchase or win pets! In LINE Puzzle TanTan, during each stage and level, you bring along with you 3 pets to help you!

In the Android Google Play platform, LINE Puzzle TanTan has received a total of 3.8 stars out of reaching the highest possible star, 5 star rating. LINE Puzzle TanTan has been rated by over 141 thousand of people, and out of 141 thousand people, 56 thousand people have given a full 5 star rating for the game. LINE Puzzle TanTan was last updated on July 13, 2015 for bug fixes and performances. The game takes around 37mb of space on your phone device and it to date, it currently has between 1 million to 5 million reviews and more. LINE Puzzle TanTan also offers in app products for you to purchase, an item in the game can cost from as low as $1.85 per item or as high as $52.33 per item.

LINE Puzzle TanTan features a very cute and warm environment in the game. The colors are all colorful and vibrant. The game format is similar to a mahjong game, and while the game format is different from your normal everyday life puzzle games, it does not mean it is any less challenging, puzzling, or fun. I believe that if you have played any of LINE Corporations puzzle games, then this game will be worth your time as well. This game is very challenging, as you have to expand your eye and mind horizons to see all the possible game matches.

LINE Puzzle TanTan Hack for Gems, Coins, & Hearts

Gems, coins, and hearts are an important part of LINE Puzzle TanTan. To win, you’ll need a lot of hearts, coins, and gems. Download our free LINE Puzzle TanTan hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily get coins, gems, and hearts.

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Cheats & Tips for LINE Puzzle TanTan

In LINE Puzzle TanTan, there are tons of ways for you to earn in game currency to get new pets to help you during game, in game bonus items, as well as game power ups. You will need to take advantage of LINE Puzzle TanTan’s daily missions, the inbox or also known as the mailbox icon, as well as the special events that takes place almost weekly and monthly throughout the game. In this unique and special puzzle game, LINE Puzzle TanTan offers a lot of fun quests and missions for players to get hooked and addicted to the game.


The most important cheat and tip for this game would be to always check daily of the in game missions, quests, and the events. Although almost all of the time, LINE Puzzle TanTan’s in game missions, quests, and fabulous events include several steps of completing them, it is definitely worth completing and clearing them because you will gain special prizes and items that you cannot or it is hard to obtain during normal gameplay. With all the chances that LINE Puzzle TanTan gives you to earn in game coins, special game items, and bonus items, it is hard not to be addicted to this game.

LINE Puzzle TanTan Review

As a huge fan of LINE Corporation’s games, I am head over heels for their new game, LINE Puzzle TanTan! My first thought when I saw the game screenshots for their game at Google Play Store was, “What? This is a puzzle game?” It featured game blocks as well as lines connecting to it to be cleared. I thought the game looked similar to a Chinese game, Mahjong, but it wasn’t being stacked, the game concept in LINE Puzzle TanTan is similar to Mahjong however.


All of the colors in LINE Puzzle TanTan are vibrant, colorful, and fun. I enjoyed playing this game very much due to its happy atmosphere as well as the fun and playful background music in the game. One thing I found quite refreshing was that in almost all of LINE Corporation’s games, they all featured their company’s mascots. We would usually see a familiar face of LINE, Pony, Cony, or Brown! However, in LINE Puzzle TanTan, we get to meet and play alongside with new characters, featuring Tantan and his lovely village friends. I found that the game play was easy and there was no lags or bugs present. I really like how interactive everything was in the game as well. Everything was touchable, meaning that everything serves for a purpose. I’m especially in love with their game design for LINE Puzzle TanTan, I like how the game developers developed the game. It clearly shows a different level of creativity and new game plays that are different from the existing LINE Corporation games.


Amongst a lot of game factors that I like in LINE Puzzle TanTan, I really enjoyed how they give out an unlimited amount of chances for players to get in game coins as well as special bonus items, in game items, and opportunities to get a new rare pet. A lot of puzzle games fail to keep the game addicting because they do not keep the game updated and with a lot of quests and challenges. I like how in LINE Puzzle TanTan there are daily missions, messages in the inbox icon for other opportunities, as well as events and quests. All of those are essential to how LINE Puzzle TanTan is still a fan favorite game despite its differences from the other puzzle games.


I feel that if any one who will give LINE Puzzle TanTan a chance to play it, they will be amazed and satisfied. Once you are addicted and hooked onto this game, you will be unable to stop playing and you will be able to create new puzzle strategies when LINE Puzzle TanTan has a new event, mission, or quests available in the game! This game does not lack in graphics, artwork, music, or even real time game play and it is really worth everyone’s time to give it a try and play it.



Artwork: The artwork for LINE Puzzle TanTan receives the overall rating of 10/10. The graphics and artwork are both cute and attractive, it allows both genders and any ages to like the game when they first see the game screenshots. The artwork is one of the most important factors when deciding if it will be downloaded by players. The artwork has to be attractive, and for LINE Puzzle TanTan, the artwork is neutral because it does not shot out to majority of the female group, or lean towards mainly the male player group. Both male and females have the chance to play this game without worrying about being told it is too childish or out of character for them. Furthermore, the colors in this game are vibrant and alluring. The cute characters make it relatable to everyone and this is one of the reasons why it has so many installs.

Music & SFX: The music and SFX for LINE Puzzle TanTan receives the final rating of 10/10. A lot of players who played this game all agree that the music and the SFX of this game are cute and addicting. They feel happy and loved whenever they touch this game and the irresistible mascot will greet them. When players feel welcomed and loved by a game, this is a great sign of it being well received and it will also be continued to be played by them for a longer period of time.

Story & Originality: The story and originality section receives the overall rating of 9/10. While I don’t think that the story line in LINE Puzzle TanTan is very original, it is different from many other games. I think that oftentimes, when puzzle games try to have a story line, they have an antagonist that is predictable and it seems that a lot of them share the same character traits: stealing food, destroying the town, stealing the magical item in the game. I personally would like to see something different other than the same predictable story line, but it doesn’t make LINE Puzzle TanTan any less addicting because the artwork, music, and gameplay does make it very worthwhile.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay in LINE Puzzle TanTan was very pleasant and easy going. It receives the overall rating of 10/10. While there was complaints of bugs and glitches, LINE Corporation is very fast to fix them and make the gameplay as enjoyable as possible for all players. All of the buttons and menu’s work in the game, and it does not seem crowded or too much space is being used in the game.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness factor for LINE Puzzle TanTan receives the rating of 10/10. As I mentioned before, LINE Puzzle TanTan is a very addicting game because its gameplay is very seeming less and the game company, LINE Corporation, offers a lot of in game opportunities for players to get in game currencies, as well as rare power up or bonus items and many more. I really like how they added the new battle mode section, you can battle against your own friends and play LINE Puzzle TanTan on a whole new level. Normally, when you are playing LINE Puzzle TanTan, you are only beating your own score whether or not you go and replay it in the end, but when you are in battle mode, you get to compete against your friends and have bragging rights as well as a shiny new graphic icons such as a cute unicorn, and ranking rights!

The overall rating for LINE Puzzle TanTan is 9.5/10. I feel that this game has a lot of potential and it is great that they are constantly updating their game as well as trying to keep the game active with attractive and addicting game quests, missions, and challenges!



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Indy Cat for VK Tips & Hack for Bows, Lives, & Turns

Today we are back with yet another game that belong to the match-three puzzler genre and above all it came up with a claim that it’s the best match-three game the market has to offer. The name of this game is Indy Cat and Ball of Fate and is developed by PlayFlock. The version that we are about to review is exclusively for VKontakte, which means other than Google Play Games it features synchronizing options for VKontakte instead of Facebook as compared normal version, and except this there isn’t any difference between the normal version and the one for VKontakte.

It’s not the first time that we have heard developers making claim like these but it’s not very often that we see them living upto their claim. Match-three genre has tons of heroes and it will take a lot of new things to make a mark between them. Indy Cat for VKontakte has a rating of 4.7/5 stars with approximately five million downloads in Google Play Store alone and this is a high rating which shows that this game might have something but we cannot trust the rating always or can we? So let’s see if this is just another “I’m bragging to gain attention” game or really has something in it. You can also get this game on the Apple App Store.

Indy Cat for VK Hack for Bows, Lives, & Turns

Do you want to win at Indy Cat for VK? Want to beat all of your friends? You’ll need a lot of bows, lives, and turns. To get them for free, download our Indy Cat for VK hack tool now, straight from our website. This will let you easily get bowties, turns, and lives.

The Indy Cat for VK hack tool is super simple to use! Have a look at the image below. All you need to do is enter the amount of turns, lives, and bows you want. It couldn’t be any easier.


Download our Indy Cat for VK hack tool from our site. It will take 30 seconds to download. After it finishes downloading, you’ll need to install it. This takes another 30 seconds. Make sure you click Android or iOS before starting the hack. Enter the amount of bowties, lives, and turns you would like.

Then, click on the big, blue “start” button. This will begin hacking the game. After it’s finished — just another 30 seconds, we promise! — open the app like you normally would. Your bows, lives, and turns will be loaded.

Indy Cat for VK Background Info

Indy Cat is something that you get when you fire Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and handover her role to Puss in Boots, or just replace Indiana Jones with this Indy Cat. This suited up cat is an athletic archaeologist-adventurer who is in search of “The Ball of Fate”. There isn’t any background story nor any kind of explanation to answer what this cat has to do with that Ball? Or why even that ball is important? All that we know is we’ll be guiding this Indy Cat through somewhere near thousand levels dividing across diverse terrains which includes mystical forests, Egyptian deserts, and many others.

Indy Cat starts without any kind of intro which isn’t impressive, you will be straight away welcomed by a huge map which is also the main menu. Let’s explore main menu first. Almost ninety-five percent of the screen is covered with terrain, which you’ll be going through, with all levels indicated on map. Just below every level you’ll find three silver stars which will turn into gold ones once you achieve them through gameplay. Other than normal levels, you’ll find bonus levels and to unlock these levels you’ll have to achieve required numbers of stars, and don’t worry you’ll not have to count the stars by yourself as their total will be mentioned on top middle of main menu.

Just towards the left of the star’s counter you’ll find this cat’s remaining lives. These remaining lives is more like stamina system, five is the maximum number and you’ll lose one whenever you aren’t able to complete a level or you restart it. Recharging time for one life is thirty minutes and if you aren’t willing to wait then you can buy one life for six bow ties, or even ask a friend.

If you’ll move your eyes further left from lives then you will find bow ties. It’s the only and premium currency of this game. This game belongs to Freemium category, which means it’s free to download and play but few things can only be bought using real currency, so you can expect these bow ties to be a bit less in quantity in comparison with requirement. Just a bit left of bow ties you’ll find the store of Indy Cat. Here you can purchase the following powerups and boosters:

Cat’s Paw – Using this powerup you can swap any two regular gems from the grid. It costs twenty five bow ties.

Crystallization – This can be used to turn any normal gem into an explosive/upgraded one. It will set you back by fifteen bow ties.

Color Bomb – This bomb can be handy in complex situations as it serves multiple purposes. It can destroy all gems of same color, the one it’s swapped with, or it can turn gems of that color into explosive ones, if swapped with an explosive gem of that color. This color bomb can be yours for twenty-five bow ties.

Time Freeze – It freezes time of any time dependent level and costs just fifteen bow ties.

Cancel a Turn – It can be easily derived from its name that it rollbacks a wrong move. It’s the cheapest powerup and costs just ten bow ties.

Balls of Yarn – It’s a booster which allows you to start a level with explosive balls of yarn. Price is fifteen bow ties.

Whip – Indiana Jones stolen whip cost twenty five bow ties and it allows you to break any gem.

Coin – These coins turns all gems into explosive gems. This booster costs fifty bow ties.

Instead of buying things separately, you can say some bow ties by getting things in bundles. The three bundles are

3×3 Set – It gives three coins, three balls of yarn and three cat’s paws. Price of this package is seventy-five bow ties.

6×3 Set – This package costs one hundred forty-five bow ties and gives all six powerups and boosters three times.

6×6 Set – This is the last and most expensive package which gives all six powerups and boosters six times.

Other than these, there isn’t anything important in the main menu, hence let’s take a look at the game’s mechanics.

Like almost every other match three you’ll have to match a minimum of three gems in a row to break them. Your movement will only be counted if three or more gems matches otherwise gems will revert back to their original position. If your match creates T or L shaped combination then you’ll get a bomb which can clear a 3×3 field, and if you match four gems in a row then you’ll get an upgraded stone which if matched depending upon its direction will destroy a complete vertical or horizontal line. If there are two consecutive upgraded gems or bombs, you don’t have to use them in your chain because you can break them by simply switching their places. Matching five gems in a row will get you a Color bomb. As previously mentioned, this can be used to blow up all of the gems which share its color (it is swapped with) or can convert that color’s gems into explosives ones if it’s position is swapped with an explosive gem.

There are three things which sums up a complete level. These things are limitation, tasks, and obstacles. You’ll have to finish tasks and keep an eye on limitation and obstacles. Limitation will either be maximum number of turns you can make or maximum time you can take to finish off a level. Tasks doesn’t show much diversity either. Tasks will always include achieving a specified score, destroying shells in aforementioned tiles, bring few runes to the bottom of the gird, breaking locked shells, and nothing else. Yes, Nothing else!!! for one thousand levels you’ll be repeating same thing over and over again. Obstacles are shells, locks and empty spaces.

To destroy shells, you’ll have to break gems lying on them. Other than a light blue colored shell above gems there isn’t any difference between a gem with and one without shell. On higher levels you’ll find shells that will require more than one match to break them. Breaking locked shells is a bit different and difficult too because the gem in the locked shell cannot move. Bringing runes on the bottom of the grid is easy, all you have to do is break gems below it.

The maximum grid size is 10×9. There will be empty spaces within the grid to give you a bit tough time. Powerups, depending upon your device’s orientation, will be listed on left or top side of the screen. You simply have to tap on any of it to use it. As I’ve mentioned earlier, three stars can be achieved per stage, and these stars has a direct relation with score. Once your tasks are completed, your total score will be calculated using remaining moves or time, number of upgraded tiles and bombs left on the grid.

This review is based upon 1.1.16 version of Indy Cat for VKontakte and is available for Android and iOS devices. This version requires minimum Android 2.3.3 (gingerbread) or iOS 6.0 compatible devices. This game isn’t graphics intensive by any means hence should work smoothly on modern low-end devices.

Indy Cat focuses much on social integration, this explains the reason behind having different versions for Facebook and VKontakte. You can send lives as a gift to your friend, you can also take their help to finish off levels. As previously mentioned both versions can be synced with Google Play Games and there are just nineteen achievement against this game which aren’t enough by any means.

You can buy bow ties using in-app purchases. There are six packages available for it. The cheapest package costs $0.99 and gives twelve bow ties. Second package costs $4.99 gives seventy-two bow ties. Third pack contains One hundred fifty bow ties which can be yours for $9.99. Fourth package will take $19.99 and give three hundred ten bow ties in return. Second last package gives eight hundred bow ties, which should be enough, for $4.99 and if you still believe that these aren’t enough for you than you can spend $99.99 to get nineteen hundred bow ties.

Cheats & Tips for Indy Cat for VK

This game is lengthy and everyone would have loved the idea of unlimited bow ties and lives to speed up the gameplay via modified version but unfortunately this game is still safe from the hands of hackers which means no unlimited bow ties and lives. Hence you guys will have to live up with a trick and few tips only to help you during gameplay.


Indy Cat doesn’t require an internet connect to work which means lives generation is dependent upon your device’s time and date setting and can be fooled using a simple time trick.

  1. Quit the game and force stop it from application’s settings.
  2. Goto your device’s time and date settings.
  3. Uncheck “Automatic Date & Time”.
  4. Set the time and date manually to according to your requirements, for example, set time to thirty minutes ahead for one life or one hour for two lives.

Tips are:

  • Always try to break two upgraded gems or bombs together by swapping them because it multiplies the effect especially in case of color bombs. Two color bombs can empty a complete grid.
  • If you aren’t able to find matching gems then focus on resonating gems to find out remaining possible movement.

Indy Cat for VK Review

I’ll start by saying that this game should be thrown into endless category because how can anyone play a game that contains thousand levels, especially a game that hardly feature anything new and neither there is much accountable diversity between levels except the increasing difficulty which forces the users towards in-app purchases? I think I should even take my ‘hardly anything’ words back because it doesn’t feature anything new. It’s the same old copy of many tending games match-three puzzlers like bejeweled. This game would have made a difference only if it was released years back from now!!!


Gameplay elements are a one ratio one copy of a normal match-three. There’s only one small difference here and that is of slightly different powerups and boosters. Indy Cat might have all the required elements which a normal match-three does but it takes too long to introduce them certainly long enough for you quit and uninstall this game. The game feels slow paced, powerups and boosters are useless until and unless you aren’t willing to spend some real currency.


The artwork isn’t overwhelming by any means but is above category average by a slight margin. There are just two things that are worth mentioning in artwork. First one is the map which looks decent because of different animated objects within it, and second is the way two color bombs blasts. Other than these nothing is anywhere near the claim of developer. You’ll get bored from seeing few background wallpapers behind hundreds of level. Colors during gameplay feels a bit dull to my eyes. The UI of this game is somewhat satisfying. It is designed nicely and is plain like vanilla which makes it easy to understand. Sound department too is just like artwork, background tracks are different for menu and gameplay, and matches theme of the game but will you still like them if you have to listen to same sound tracks for almost thousand levels!?


I also found the reason behind 4.7/5 stars rating of this game in Google Play Store and reason is that this game gives free bow ties to anyone who gives this game maximum rating! What a cheap trick used by developers. I’m gonna mention here again that this game would have made a mark only if it was developed years back.


Artwork: I’ll give Indy Cat a 7.5/10 for its artwork. As I’ve explained earlier that other than the main menu’s map and color bomb’s blasting effect, everything feels so dull and outdated. I know theme of game is set in ancient site but it doesn’t mean that game has to be without videos, animations, pictures and colors.

Music & SFX: Indy Cat gets another 7.5/10 for its music & SFX. Map’s background track has a persian touch which is pleasant to ears but the one during gameplay is short in length and can be a source of headache for some especially if that someone is targeting to finish this game.

Story and Originality: I’ll give Indy cat a 5.5/10 for its story & originality. There isn’t any kind of story nor originality in this game. What is ball of fate? How did it go missing? Why this puss in boots need it? None of these questions are answer by game in anyway. Although story isn’t required for a great gameplay but it kind of adds suspense in it.

Gameplay: I’ll give this game a 6.5/10 for its gameplay. As i’ve told earlier this game doesn’t feature anything new, everything this game contains is something that we’ve been watching from years. Above all, even these old things are plagued by pushes towards in-app purchases and extremely slow gameplay development. I still don’t get one thing, why there has to be one thousand levels?

Addictiveness: I’ll give Indy Cat a 6/10 for its addictiveness. To play this game you’ll have to be a die hard fan of match-three puzzlers with a lot of patience. Otherwise there are many other charming games available which deserves your time more than this one.

Overall I’ll give Indy Cat for VKontakte a 6.5/10 and this rating should also be valid for the Facebook version of this game too. Indy Cat is not anywhere near the claim made by the developer and it even fails to leave a decent impression. It’s not the first time that a game isn’t able to live up to it’s claim.



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Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire Hack & Cheats for Coins & Nitrome

There comes a time in every wizard’s life when their years of training must be put to the ultimate test, when the air is thick with the scent of war, and the fate of the castle is resting on their shoulders. In “Magic Touch: Wizard for hire” you are that wizard. Invading knights are literally falling from the sky and the only thing keeping them from splattering on the ground like Humpty Dumpy are balloons strapped to their bodies and acting as parachutes. Luckily, your magic can pop these balloons, simply draw the symbol on your screen which corresponds to the symbol on the balloon and the invaders fall to the ground, dismembered and destroyed. 

Developed by Nitrome, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is an expanded version of a 2007 flash game released by Nitrome for desktops called Magic Touch, unlike the flash version, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire has new backgrounds and spells as well as two distinct game modes.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire was released on February 25th 2015 for iOS and Android devices, and on February 26 for Amazon. It is free on all three mobile platforms but there are in-app purchases available. Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire was very popular on release, on iOS it was downloaded 1.1 million times in its first week alone, making it Nitrome’s most downloaded mobile game. By April 2nd 2015 Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire already received over 2 million downloads on iOS and at least 1 million downloads on Android. By June 2015 this number reached over 6 million on all platforms.

On iOS devices Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire requires iOS 6.0 or later, it is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch but it is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. On devices running the Android OS, Android 2.3 and up is required, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is rated as appropriate for all age groups.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire Hack for Coins & Nitrome

Want to get unlimited coins and nitrome in Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire without purchasing them? Download our free Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily get unlimited nitrome and coins.

Our Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire hack tool is very easy to use. Take a look at the image below to see what it will look like. All you have to do is download it and click “start.” Enter how many coins and how much nitrome you want.


Download our Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire hack from our site. It should take 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it will take another 30 seconds to install. Make sure you choose Android or iOS. Don’t forget to enter how many coins and how much nitrome you would like. Repeat as many times as desired.

Click the big “start” button to begin the hack. After the hack has finished, which should only take about 30 seconds, open the app on your device like normal. All of the nitrome and coins should be loaded.

Cheats and Tips for Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

There are two game modes in Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire, Arcade mode and Time Attack. Each has its own unique strategies, tip, and cheats to make the most of it.


Arcade mode is the infinite game mode. Knights will always fall from the sky, inevitably one will land on the castle thus ending the game. Your objective is to postpone that knight from landing for as long as you can. In arcade mode a destroyed knight will yield an extra point to your score as well as some coins. Popping multiple balloons by drawing one symbol, e.g. there a multiple balloons on the screen with the same symbol, thus causing multiple knights to di, will result in a combo and thus extra coins.

With all of the coin you’ve accumulated you can by spells and different backgrounds. Spells are especially helpful in slowing down knights, destroying more knights, and increasing your coins and score. These spells appear as bubbles while you’re playing, to activate them draw the symbol on the corresponding bubble. There are two other interactive objects besides spells, treasure chests and potions. Treasure chests move horizontally across the screen and give you coins however, these are trickier than spells as they require several symbols to be drawn before they are unlocked. There are also potions which drift down and unlock spells.


The next game mode is Time Attack. In time attack you have to pop as many balloons as possible within a certain time frame, also knights can’t land on the castle and prematurely end your session in Time Attack. You start off with sixty seconds and with each combo you complete an extra second is added to your clock. Get as many balloons popped as possible before the timer runs out.

For every fifty knights you destroy a spider will descend with a symbol on it, if you cannot draw this symbol before the spider counts down from five a ten second penalty is incurred.

For great multi taskers, use both hands to draw two symbols at a time, thus effectively doubling your drawing speed. Keep in mind that if you’re horrible at multi-tasking this can greatly reduce how accurate your drawings are and could ultimately lead to worse scores. Use with caution and limit this technique once you’ve become more accustomed to the gameplay.

There are 4 phases in Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire. With the exception of phase one, one out of six combinations of interactive objects will enter the screen once the phase is over. You will have the option of unlocking wither a bubble, a potion, a treasure chest, two treasure chess, a reassure chest and a potion, or nothing. Knowing the characteristics of each phase will aid you greatly in being able to destroy the knights and proceed to the next phase. There are also several cheats that can be utilized when recognizing the patterns specific to each phase.

In phase one the first four knights that descend will usually follow a pattern where the symbols on the balloons of the first and third knight, and the second and fourth knight, are identical. This allows for two quick combos in succession. Keep in mind this requires precise timing, waiting to long may lead to a knight landing on your castle, going to early can mean missing out on an opportunity to combo. Similar pattern will be encountered towards the end of the successive phases so keep an eye out to take advantage of those opportunities.


Each phase naturally gets progressively more difficult with more knights falling at a faster rate as you go further into Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire. At the end of a phase you will encounter a large beastly knight usually adorned with colorful armor, these exceptional knights are known as barbarians. Barbarians are much harder to dismantle than their less intimidating comrades, requiring more balloons to be popped before they fall to the ground. Still, barbarians do have a slower fall rate so make sure you get rid of any knights approaching your castle before dealing with a barbarian, getting too caught up in a barbarian can ultimately lose you the round, again, it’s all about timing.

There are several great cheats in game that allow for free coins and prizes. If you go into the shop page you can get 1000 free coins at any time by either watching a video advertisement, downloading another game by Nitrome, or sharing Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire with a friend or contact. The “watch a video” option for free coins can be redeemed over and over, however, there is a reload time so you can’t watch a video immediately after watching one, and you usually have to wait several hours between watching videos.

This method is useful for the occasional free coins that can help you purchase that next upgrade, but I would recommend turning this into a source of continuous coin income. Watch a video ad every time you open up Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire or if you’re a little bored and quickly see your fortune rise.


For the “get a game” option, you’re taken to the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon App Store based on your deice. From there you are directed to a page featuring all of the games developed by Nitrome studios and once you download one of their games you will get 1,000 coins. You don’t have to keep the game, delete it as soon as you get your free coins if you’d like. A lot of the Nitrome games are very similar to Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire, so if you like this you’ll more than likely have an affinity for their other offerings. On occasion you can cheat the system by closing out the dialogue box that refers you to your respective app store and you get 1000 coins regardless.

Finally you can log in to your twitter or facebook account and share Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire with your friends and family to earn 1000 coins per social media platform. If you have multiple twitter or facebook accounts, use that to your advantage by promoting Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire on each of those accounts, thus garnering thousands of free coins. Utilizing all of these methods on a consistent basis will be highly beneficial in getting that sizeable chunk of supplemental income necessary for success in Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire Review

If anything Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is an incredibly addicting game, they do a great job with the “retro” graphics and giving this game an arcade feel. The addition of wizards, spells, and backgrounds was a great way to add dimensionality to the gameplay, allowing for multiple strategies and objectives. The drawing feature was incredibly responsive and I was surprised by how well it understood my commands.

Still, there were some drawbacks. Customizability options were extremely limited and as with most infinite games, the gameplay ultimately become repetitive after a certain point.


Picture 8/10

Sound/ special FX 7/10

Originality/ Creativity 8/10

General Gameplay 8.5/10

Addictiveness 9.0/10

Overall 8.1/10



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Lep’s World 2 Hack, Tips, & Cheats for All Levels & All Items

If you enjoy playing games like Super Mario World, then I got just the game for you! Lep’s World 2 is a classical platformer/side-scroller, which brings you to the world of Leprechauns. An evil wizard comes into your village, steals all of the gold and kidnaps all of the Leprechauns, and it is your mission to rescue all of your friends and retrieve all of the gold.  Lep’s World 2 has been developed and successfully released by game developer nerByte, and is the popular sequel to Lep’s World – Super Adventure! Lep’s World 2 has been downloaded over ten million times with a staggering rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play Store and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on iOS App Store. Lep’s World 2 is free to download and play on both Android and iOS devices, and does not require an internet connection to play.

An evil wizard has come into Leprechaun Village and kidnapped every single Leprechaun, except for Lep. He managed to hide himself, but he saw all of his friends and beloved gold coins disappear. The goal in Lep’s World 2 is to play as Lep, and go after the evil wizard to free your friends and retrieve the gold coins. Before you start playing Lep’s World 2, you will be taught how to walk around, how to jump and how to shoot with pinecones. After that, you start at level one, where you have to walk to the end of the level, without getting taken down by enemy characters. This might sound easy to achieve, but can get quite difficult, especially when you progress through the game.

Each level is filled with enemy characters, who you can either avoid by jumping over them, squash them by jumping on them or kill them by shooting them with pinecones. You can collect pinecones throughout the level, but if you run out of them, you will not be able to shoot enemy characters anymore. Lep has a total of three clovers, and each time he gets hit by an enemy character, he loses a clover. If he loses all of his clovers, he will die and you will have to start the level from the beginning. Each level also has three pots of gold, which give you a lot of points if you collect them, and you also have a timer. You have to finish a level before the timer runs out, or else you will have to start the level from the beginning.

Lep’s World 2 consists of eight different worlds and a total of sixty four levels. Each of these levels have a different design and many enemy characters. At the end of every world, you will have to face a boss character, which you need to take down in order to unlock the next world. Once you have beaten all eight worlds, you will be able to free your friends and get all of the gold back to Leprechaun Village.

Lep’s World 2 In-game store

Lep’s World 2 does have gold coins, which you can collect, but you cannot use them to purchase anything in the game. There is an in-game store where you can purchase several items with real money, which help you to make your gameplay easier. You can purchase five extra lives for $0,99, which adds a total of five lives onto the amount of lives you already have. If you are stuck on a certain level, you can skip it by spending $0,99 on the “skip level” item. You can also unlock every single level in the game by spending $2,99 on the “unlock all levels” item.

Lep’s World 2 Hack for All Levels & All Items

Do you want to win at Lep’s World 2? Want to get all levels and all items without purchasing them? To get them for free, download our Lep’s World 2 hack tool now, straight from our website. This will let you easily get all items & all levels.

The Lep’s World 2 hack tool is super simple to use! Have a look at the image below. All you need to do is click “start.” It couldn’t be any easier.


Download our Lep’s World 2 hack tool from our site. It will take 30 seconds to download. After it finishes downloading, you’ll need to install it. This takes another 30 seconds. Make sure you click Android or iOS before starting the hack.

Then, click on the big, blue “start” button. This will begin hacking the game. After it’s finished — just another 30 seconds, we promise! — open the app like you normally would. All levels and items will be loaded.

Cheats & Tips for Lep’s World 2

There are a lot of websites on the internet that are offering cheat tools for Lep’s World 2, which could allegedly give you an unlimited amount of lives and unlock every single level in the game. The problem with these kind of websites is that they are fake, and they are only designed to lure in unknowing people and make them fill in surveys. The fake cheat websites operate by promising people that their cheat tools work, but in fact, they are nothing but empty shells and worthless files.


Before you are able to download said cheat tool, you will have to fill in a survey, which generates an income for the owners of the fake cheat websites. Once you have filled in a survey and downloaded the so called cheat tool, you will soon find out that you have been duped. The files that you have downloaded could also contain viruses, which will infect your computer, and could mean that you will have to format your entire hard disk.  Instead of wasting your time and potentially harming your computer with nasty viruses, I will give you some tips and tricks that will help you in your gameplay in Lep’s World 2.

Lep’s World 2 Gameplay Tips and Tricks


As you might have noticed, there are a lot of annoying and obstructive advertisements in Lep’s World 2. Normally, free-to-play mobile games offer you an opportunity to remove the advertisements, by purchasing something in the in-game store. This is unfortunately not the fact with Lep’s World 2. Luckily for all of you, I know a trick to remove all advertisements from the game, without having to pay a single dime.

First of all, you must make sure that Lep’s World 2 is closed down completely and not running in the background. Once you have done that, you need to turn on the Airplane Mode on your mobile device. This will disconnect you from any internet connection, such as Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. Whenever you start Lep’s World 2 without an internet connection, you will not face any advertisements at all. This is due to the fact that Lep’s World 2 needs an internet connection, in order to be able to push advertisements onto your device. Once you are done playing Lep’s World 2, you can turn off Airplane Mode and use your mobile device as you have been before.


In Lep’s World 2, you only have a certain amount of lives. You can purchase five extra lives in the in-game store by spending $0,99, however, you do not actually need them. Once you run out of lives, you will not have to wait for them to replenish themselves. The only thing that happens when you run out of lives is, that you will have to start from the beginning of the current level you are at, and you will receive seven free lives. Therefore, I would advise everyone not to spend any money on lives in Lep’s World 2, because it would just be a waste.


If you are stuck on a certain level, you could spend $0,99 and skip that particular level. However, instead of wasting your money on a free-to-play game, you could also watch an advertisement video, which will allow you to skip the current level you are at. The advertisement videos are anywhere between fifteen and thirty seconds long, and you cannot skip them. Once the video is over, you can close it down and you will be able to skip the current level and play the next one.

Lep’s World 2 Review

Lep’s World 2 is the sequel to the very popular mobile game called Lep’s World – Super Adventure! And even though I have not played it, I still knew what to expect from Lep’s World 2. Before I started playing Lep’s World 2, I checked out the screenshots and read the description of the game, which made me expect that the game would be similar to Super Mario World, and I was right. It is very refreshing to see that there are still developers out there that implement their own creative ideas and features into their games, which also makes Lep’s World 2 pretty unique in my book. A very positive aspect about Lep’s World 2 is that it is a free-to-play game, and there are a lot of playable levels. This means that people can really sink their teeth into this game, without having to pay to unlock extra levels or areas. Another very positive aspect about Lep’s World 2 is its graphics, which are very nice and detailed. The gameplay starts with a story, which tells you what your goals are, and really enhances the gameplay.


Lep’s World 2 is an entertaining game to play, and the developers have successfully released it, but unfortunately the game also has several very negative aspects. For starters, the developers have implemented a lot of advertisements into the game. The advertisements come in the form of banners, which are always at the bottom of the screen, and pop-ups, which show up at random times. Having so many advertisements in a game is very annoying and obstructive, and makes Lep’s World 2 feel like a cheap cash grab. The worst part about the advertisements in Lep’s World 2 is the fact that, if you accidently do tap on one of them, the game will minimalize itself and your browser will start up. No one wants to endure such an amount of annoying advertisements, but the developers do not give you an opportunity to remove them anyways. This is a shame, because it is very obvious that the developers of Lep’s World 2 are only out to trick their players into accidently tapping on the advertisements, just so they can generate an income for themselves. Instead of punishing their players like this, they should implement systems that will reward them, if they play Lep’s World 2 a lot.

The second negative aspect about Lep’s World 2 is the fact that there are items in the in-game store, which cost real money, but you actually do not need them at all. For example, the developers are offering to sell a package of five lives for $0,99 but you do not need them, because if you run out of lives, you simply get another seven lives for free. The second item that is for sale in the in-game store is called the “skip the level” item, which also goes for $0,99. The problem with this item is the fact that you can literally skip a level for free, by watching an advertisement video. The only item in the in-game store that actually holds some value is the “unlock all levels” item, which costs $2,99. I have not seen a way to unlock all levels for free, so this item actually does something. I find it very disturbing that the developers of Lep’s World 2 try to trick people into purchasing more lives or skip levels, even though you can get them for free, by simply playing the game. This also makes Lep’s World 2 feel like a cheap cash grab, and the developers should really look into this, if they want to keep their loyal players.

Lep’s World 2 Ratings

Artwork: I give Lep’s World 2 an 8/10 for its artwork. One of the first things I noticed about the graphics of Lep’s World 2 is that it is very detailed and of high quality. I really like the fact that the developers took their time to design a lot of very different levels, which shows that they were dedicated to developer a successful game. Of course, there are several similarities to other popular games, such as Super Mario World, but I still believe that the developers managed to give Lep’s World 2 their own unique twist. I really like the fact that there are a lot of animations in the game, such as when you shoot an enemy character, or the idle animations all of the characters have. Having so many nice animations in Lep’s World 2 really makes the game feel more alive and entertaining, and the developers did a good job at balancing the game.

Music & SFX: I give Lep’s World 2 an 8/10 for its music and SFX. There are a lot of different soundtracks and sound effects in Lep’s World 2, which really makes the game very exciting to play. I like the fact that the soundtracks are of high quality, just like the graphics. Both the soundtracks and sound effects are easy on the ears, which means that people will not easily get bothered or bored by them. It is very nice to hear that many of the actions in the game have their own special effects and sound effects, which shows me that the developers have taken their time when they were designing the music and SFX for Lep’s World 2. I really like the fact that the graphics and the music of Lep’s World 2 fit each other so perfectly.

Story & Originality: I give Lep’s World 2 an 8/10 for its story and originality. There are a lot of different platformer / side-scroller games available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store, but that doesn’t take away that Lep’s World 2 is very unique and original. I have never played a game on a mobile device that was so similar to Super Mario World, and it really made me feel like I was actually playing Lep’s World 2 on a Nintendo handheld system. This really showed me that the developers of Lep’s World 2 did a good job at making their game as original as possible. There is also a very nice story at the beginning of the gameplay, which tells you that you have to rescue your Leprechaun friends and retrieve the gold that has been stolen.

General Gameplay: I give Lep’s World 2 a 7/10 for general gameplay. At the beginning of Lep’s World 2, you will be shown how to move left and right, how to jump and how to shoot pinecones at your enemies. Once the little tutorial is over, you will be able to play the first level of the game. The gameplay becomes pretty straightforward after a short while, but I still feel like it was pretty entertaining, due to the fact that there are eight different worlds and sixty four different levels available. The only aspect that ruined the gameplay for me, is the fact that there are so many advertisements in Lep’s World 2. They are very annoying and obstructive, and randomly show up. No one enjoys seeing so many advertisements in a game, including myself.

Addictiveness: I give Lep’s World 2 a 7/10 for addictiveness. Even though you only have a certain amount of lives in Lep’s World 2, it is still nice to see that you do not have to wait for your lives to be replenished, when you lose them. The only reason I give the addictiveness a seven out of ten is because there are so many annoying and obstructive ads in the game.

All things considered, I give Lep’s World 2 an 8/10.



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Highway Rider Tips, Hack, & Cheats for Gas Caps & Boosts

Are you feeling the need for speed and want to play a game that rewards you for going as fast as you can?  This is the game for you.  Created by Battery Acid Games, Highway Rider is now available for players who want to play on their iOS devices who have a compatibility, of around a 6.0 compatibility or higher with their iOS versions.  This pretty much means that people who don’t have the 6.0 compatibility will not be able to play the game.  The last update in Highway Riders was version 1.8.4 where they fixed a crashing issue that would cause you to crash when you hit one of the mPoints along the road.

This most recent update happened on January 6 of 2015, which is pretty recent, so you might be able to have a pretty decently updated game that helps to fix the bugs pretty often.  Highway Rider is only available in English, so players who don’t know english will not be able to translate the language into their own native language.  However, this game is pretty simple in the controls and isn’t very text-intensive.  So someone who can just tell them the controls should be able to play e game. Highway Rider is available on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Highway Rider is a game where you get to be a bike on the highway.  Not a actual bike that you pedal, but a motorcycle bike where you will get to experience the thrill of riding on the highway.  You will be able to ride along the highway during this, gaining points as you gain additional speed during the game.  This makes for a thrilling game that keeps your attention because you want to continue beating the game until you have gotten one of your best scores possible.  This game also involves a point system where you try to get close to the cars that can kill you and see how many of those close calls that you can get in the game.

Every single time you have a close call with another car, you will gain a point.  So in the multiplayer aspect of Highway Rider, you will be compared with your opponent on who can get the most close calls in the game.  If you do hit a car or make a mistake in Highway Rider, you will get to see your character go completely flying and see which ones that you would break if that were a real person.  There are plenty of characters to choose from once you have finished a couple of runs yourself and earned enough to unlock those different characters.  Make sure to avoid the cars, but not avoid them too far because close calls is the main way to win in multiplayer mode.

You will also get to obtain boost tanks which will help you go even faster and have even more close calls.  Getting to a higher speed gives you more points overall despite the close calls that you get.  The faster you are going during the close call, the more overall points you will receive.  So get to as fast of a speed as you can and start destroying other people in multiplayer in terms of most close calls.  

Highway Rider Hack for Gas Caps & Boosts

Highway Rider uses gas caps and boosts in-game. To get an unlimited supply of boosts and gas caps, you’ll need our help. Download our free Highway Rider hack tool to easily and freely get gas caps and boosts.

It’s very easy to use. Take a look at the image below to see how quick and easy using our Highway Rider hack tool is. Just enter the amount of boosts and gas caps you want.


Download our Highway Rider hack from our website. It takes 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it’ll install. This takes about another 30 seconds. Select Android or iOS. Then, enter how many boosts and gas caps you would like. Click the big, blue “start” button.

This should start the hack. Once completed — don’t worry, it’s very quick! — open the app on your device. It will run normally, but with the added benefit of your extra gas caps and boosts! Have fun!

Cheats & Tips for Highway Rider

Although Highway Rider is a pretty simplistic game, their are still a few mechanics that th game has in order to determine who is better than who.  This will also help you in multiplayer when you are facing other people.  First of all, you should try and go as fast as you can if you want to get more points.  This will help you get more points overall and help train you for whenever you are trying to get a higher score due to having a higher speed.  You will also want to try and stay active in the game with your finger always on the screen.  This will keep you alert of whenever you need to make a quick avoid from a car that is closing in fast.  This will help you survive and any close encounters ;you have while going this will just raise your score.  Lastly, you can try to look ahead in the game.  Just like any other racing games, it is extremely important to look up at what is ahead.  If you are just looking at your bike and character, you won’t see what is up ahead and you will most likely get into a crash.  If you do manage to look ahead often, you can start planning on having close calls on purpose so that you can gain additional score.


Highway Rider Review

Highway Rider is a pretty good game, graphically, but in other apps, the graphics are a bit better than te ones here.  I think that the gameplay is good and it has a good engaging and addictive factor to it.  The idea of throwing yourself out there and diving after the crash is pretty funny to kids to see how many bones that they can break.  This is probably more amusing to kids than it is to adults, so I would first, recommend that this game would be more appealing to children, but parents might also like it.  I can say that the engaging factor of this game comes from the need to have as many close calls as possible and then trying to beat everyone else in the Multiplayer mode.


The multiplayer mode gives this kind of idea that you need to become the absolute best against everyone and get the most close calls as possible.  I think that if they put some other aspects of gameplay like a storyline, it would be even more addicting because you could follow a storyline where you are trying to beat some kind of gang or something which would make Highway Riders more engaging to try and follow the storyline.




I would give Highway Rider a 6/10. The artwork for the game was nothing special and looked a little blocky to me. The green vehicles looked like they were like the cube vans from afar and then getting closer they didn’t change with their shape too much. Something that you could do for that is keep the hitbox the same on the vehicle, but add a few more edges and colour to the vehicle to make it look less like a rectangular block. At the very least make the beginning truck with the entire menu options a bit better looking. It isn’t the greatest first impression when the first thing you see when selecting options is a boring grey truck as the background, something that you could do is perhaps give it a more racing style look to it to show the user that the game is about speed and quick manoeuvring.


Music and SFX

I would give Highway Rider a 10/10.

The music fits very well with the game as it is a stronger more hard core music for the hard core game. The sound effect are a great contribution to the game, as they make you feel like you are more in the riders seat of the motorcycle instead of just controlling him with your screen. Both the music and the sound effects make the game a much better experience. II usually don’t listen to games when I am playing them because the sound effects or music are very cheesy and for the most part make me cringe when I am listening. This game the music and sound effects make them feel like they are a built in part of the game (which obviously they are) but most games lack that immersive feeling when they are adding in music and the sound effects to the game, and they make it sound like it is truly coming from elsewhere other than from the game itself.  Perhaps a little customization of music would be a good feature to add to this as well. Allowing the user to pick and choose which songs they want to hear while playing the game.

Story and Originality

I would give Highway Rider a 9/10.

I felt that the storyline could have been a bit deeper in terms of what story was actually told, for why he was taking such risks while controlling his motorcycle near the vehicles or the reason that he was on the run from the police. It would help if there was a bit of backstory (not too much as it is only a mobile game) but just enough so that we the audience has a feel for what this guy has been doing previous to his risk taking high speed actions of today.

General Gameplay

I would give Highway Rider a 10/10.

This game was awesome to play! I love these types of games, even though most of them are get X distance or collect X number of coins using arrow keys to move the character left and right. My first thought downloading this game was that it would be something that interacted with the screen being tipped and turned to move the character around instead of just the same old boring keys to switch to the left and to the right. As for the gameplay it was awesome! The fact that you get points solely for placing your character in riskier situations for a longer amount of time is a great way of scoring players and it differs greatly from the regular do this for X amount of time.

The “challenges” for doing specific things were also an excellent feature in the game. If it hadn’t been for the quests I probably would have taken fewer risks in the game than I normally would have. Something I would recommend for this game is sometimes having the cars not using their signals to change lanes just to make it a bit more interesting. It was kind of drab knowing oh that car is going to go into the next lane over and I will watch out for that. A suggestion for that would be to have some cars not signalling or some cars going the opposite way of the signal or turning on their signal and not actually going into the other lane as they originally would have done. I enjoyed the different game modes arcade and fugitive as I felt it gave a little more originality factor to the game. Something I would have liked to see would be a bit more choice/difference in the end of game pictures.

It isn’t too exciting seeing him walk off the same way just instead on different backgrounds. I feel as if it should be different because in one situation he’s just come back from being injured for doing crazy stunts, and the other time he’s just been injured because he was running from the police and still doing crazy stunts. It should just portray different scenes rather than him walking out of both places simply on crutches with people standing behind him looking displeased with him. Something else I would like to touch on is the ad placement. I found the ad placement in this game to be exceptional. I understand that game companies need to put ads into their games to make back what they paid for in man hours and to make profit to release more games so ad placement is crucial. I really liked the fact that the ads were non-intrusive when I was playing and that they only showed up after a game had been completed. I am completely fine with pressing an extra few times when my game is over to get to the final screen.

I hate games where the ads will show up midway through the game and distract me from what I’m doing with their bright colours and flashy designs. I would definitely keep the ads just the way they are as they are doing their job perfectly! Something else that could be added to the gameplay could be an introduction of on-ramps or something like that which allows the player to take it for some bonus points onto a faster highway or somewhere that isn’t a complete straightaway. I feel like  more speed could either be integrated into the game as you progress further into it, or it could be added as completely different level itself as something that you can do to increase the difficulty for players or reduce speed to allow people to practice at increasing their speeds for different levels, or to just allow casual players a good experience with the game.


I would give Highway Rider a 9/10.   

This is easily a game that you could play for a long time just because the concept is simple. Avoid cars while staying close enough to help you to receive extra points by being riskier. If you’re sitting somewhere with say 10-15 minutes to kill this game would be perfect! Something that could be added to make it a bit more addictive is to show either your own high score on the screen while you’re playing or maybe even make a local or global leaderboard appear to show where you are compared to others. The multiplayer on this is also fantastic and keeps you locked in to the game even more. This is also a game that has lots of replay value as you are always trying to make closer calls and achieve higher scores. I find that when I am playing a game the high scores are what drives me to continue playing and playing. The games that allow links to facebook or social media friends score are also great even though I know they don’t care about their score it gives me the sense of achievement that I beat their score and them at the game. A feature utilizing social media logins would be a cool addition to this game as well.

Overall Rating

Overall, I would give Highway Rider a 9/10.

Altogether Highway Rider is a solid game and with a little bit of tweaking made to it, it could become an even better game. A little back story on the character would be a great addition to the game to provide insight and some reasoning behind his insane actions. The artwork could definitely use some tuning up work, at the very least the starting truck just to hook the user into playing with a flashy design. The music and SFX are a great addition to the game and is a great part of it. The overall gameplay is solid and it is quite an addictive game. The best way to make this game an easy 10/10 rating for any player that plays it lies in the artwork and storyline. Visual appeal could potentially lead a long long way down the road. A social media implication could also be a great feature to add to the game for another level of competitiveness.



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