FIFA 15 Ultimate Team hack – Unlimited Coins & Points

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In the gameplay of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team introduced a new feature where you do not need to play the game directly with Quick Simulation name. This new feature is similar to the Football Manager game where there will be only statistical and any comments submarine game. This feature is suitable for you who are busy but still to play. In terms of graphics and gameplay is not much different from the previous sequel. EA does not give a different playing experience with improvements in terms of graphics. But the good thing that we can from this game is the control part, swipe controls and buttons are now combined into one. So you can do a curling shot with the swipe controls that it is not possible to play with the virtual controls.

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Call of Mini Infinity Cheats & Hack for Crystals & Gold – New Tips Available

The earth is in threat of a meteorite impact and the only way to survive is to find a new planet to live on. It is your job as a star warrior to fight and make the star Caron safe for humanity. Futuristic weapons, high-tech armor modifications, turrets, cloaking and a whole battlefield to utilize these technologies await you in Call of Mini Infinity!

Call of Mini Infinity is a multiplayer third person shooter game by Triniti Interactive. It’s one of their trademarked Call of Mini games. Others in the series include Call of Mini: Zombies, Call of Mini: Brawlers and Call of Mini: Sniper, just to mention a few. They have also released other games such as Mini Warriors or Tiny Legends: Heroes.

Ratings wise Call of Mini Infinity has 4.1/5 stars on the Google Play Store, while having a 4.5/5 star rating on the Apple App Store. That sounds pretty good so far, just as its great amount of downloads, so let’s delve into the game and see what its made of!

Multiplayers shooters don’t always feel like they are made for mobiles, but that doesn’t stop dedicated developers from trying to create one that will be a high success. It’s no different with Call of Mini Infinity either, as it shows all signs of a hopeful shooter. The game even tells you a short backstory with cutscenes when you first start it up. This makes it easy to mistake it as a story driven game, but the reality is that the game’s whole focus is on multiplayer battles.

Now, when you get past a short tutorial, which shows you how to move, aim, shoot, reload and jump, you will be taken to the Map screen. This is where you can find the different menus that each act as a guide to your base of operations. Probably the first option you will see is the Start Game, which is the button you will use the most in this game. Activating this option will take you to the selection of game modes, as Call of Mini Infinity has 6 different ones to play.

The different modes include Team Deathmatch, where both team’s goals are to kill the enemy team until they hit the score limit, which awards a win. King of the Hill, a game type in which you have to capture the point in the middle of the map and hold it until your team gains 300 points. Fight For Cash, in which both teams start with 600 gold and have to kill the other team until they lose all of their gold, and winning players even receive the other team’s gold to keep.

Then of course there is Drop The Bomb, a gamemode played on unique maps, where both teams have to take a bomb from the middle of the map and drop it three times at the enemy base to win. The last multiplayer mode is Duel, which is the simple 1 versus 1 mode. Then there is the only singleplayer mode, Shooting Range, where players can try out all kinds of weapons on targets to gain points and compete on leaderboards with other players each week.

While the shooting range is as simple as it gets, with immobile or moving targets to take down, the multiplayer modes are the main focus of the game. Most of these modes are 4 versus 4 matches and players are matched with others automatically, or they can create custom lobbies to invite friends to play with. Each match lasts until the goal is met by a team, and playing matches awards gold and experience to players, with more given to winners.

The gameplay itself in Call of Mini Infinity’s matches is similar to twin-stick shooters, meaning that you move by using the on-screen stick, while shooting is done by a separate button, just like jumping. Aiming and turning the screen can be done by moving your finger in the desired direction anywhere on the screen. Utilizing all these different controls is a neccesary skill to win these multiplayer battles. The gameplay is challenging, as each character has a real person behind it, with different knowledge and skill than yours, so each match can be exciting.

There are also 5 different maps to choose from, to change up the gameplay even more, not counting the unique Drop The Bomb maps, which can only be played in that mode. The maps are the Space Ship, Secret Base, Bridge/Docks, Power Plant and the Energy Acquisition Station.

After winning a match and leveling up, you might want to go to the Base menu, which allows you to customize your character with weapons, armor, items, skills and talents. You will need these customizations to succeed in battle, so it’s a good idea to spend some time in there.

Weapons include things like the Glock Pistol, HW-45 Shotgun, Heavy Machine Gun or even alien weapons like the Magma Spitter or Beam Bay. Most weapons are locked at the start and can be unlocked by completing specific requirements, like reaching level 7 or killing 15 enemies, then buying them for gold. Alien weapons can only be bought with crystals though, as a limitation for their powerful effects.

Armors also provide different bonuses, both positive and negative. Each one gives different starting health and armor to the player, and has unique stats. For example the Mark-6 117R armor has reduced movement speed, but higher Sniper damage.

Items in Call of Mini Infinity provide bonuses just like armors, but they take up three different slots: head, body and other. Head includes things like Franken Head or the Diving Helmet, adding bonus health and damage when equipped. Body items are usually wings, which give extra rewards after won matches and even reduce damage taken, while also looking cool. The other slot is taken by things like a fiery helmet effect or glowing footprints.

Skills are the next customization options, but they are actually equipments like grenades, turrets, electromagnetic force fields, a cloaking device, teleport or heal station. While the first three can be unlocked by reaching higher levels and using gold, the latter three can only be bought with crystals or obsidians.

Then there are talents, which are passive bonuses added to your character without equipping anything. You gain talent points by leveling up, or by spending crystals. These can be anything simple like extra health, critical hit chance and increased reload speed, or even unique changes added to skills, like giving your turrets the option to launch missiles.

It seems like a good amount of customization items can be bought by spending crystals or obsidians, but what are those? Obsidians are earned by winning guild challenges, getting mega kills or ranking high on the leaderboards. On the other hand, crystals are the premium currency of the game and can be bought for real money. The game allows the purchase of crystals starting from $4.99 for 150, all the way up to $49.99 for 2500. There is also an option to download sponsored apps and get crystals for them. Another use for crystals is to exchange them for gold, the main currency of the game.

Call of Mini Infinity also has features like Guilds and composing teams. Joining a Guild can be beneficial to gain obsidians and to make new friends to play with, as are teams. There are also events to gain some more currency, including Daily Missions and “one of a kind” developer started events like Judgement Day.

Call of Mini Infinity Hack for Crystals & Gold

Crystals and gold are an important part of Call of Mini Infinity. To win, you’ll need a lot of crystals and gold. Download our free Call of Mini Infinity hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily get crystals and gold.

Our Call of Mini Infinity hack tool is very easy to use. Take a look at the image below to see what it will look like. All you have to do is enter the amount of crystals and gold you want.


Download our Call of Mini Infinity hack from our site. It should take 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it will take another 30 seconds to install. Make sure you choose Android or iOS. Enter the amount of crystals and gold you want.

Click the big “start” button to begin the hack. After the hack has finished, which should only take about 30 seconds, open the app on your device like normal. Your gold and crystals will be ready.

Cheats & Tips for Call of Mini Infinity

Call of Mini Infinity is a playground for people wishing for cheats and to triumph over others with unbalanced weapons, items or abilities. The game has so many customizables that can get you a huge advantage over others that they are easily called cheats.

If you wish to destroy hope in your enemies as they attempt to shoot you, but almost do no damage, then consider buying any of the higher level armors with crystals. Some of these have three times as much health and armor combined as a newbie armor, essentially giving you a lot of extra time to dispense bullets.


If armor is not what you are looking for in cheats, then take a look at alien weapons, which are extremely powerful, especially the Beam Bay, which takes a short time to charge up, but releases a huge laser afterwards, incinerating any players caught in it.

Maybe that’s not enough yet, so consider unlocking the turret skill to leave no chance to survive for others, or the electromagnetic force field to block any bullets going your way. Using an upgraded armor and the force field can sustain you for more than a minute in open fire, so this early unlock cheat literally makes you almost unkillable.


As for a small tip, if you are a player who won’t spend money on this game, then consider using the free crystals menu to be able to keep up with the top players, or even join a Guild to find friends who are ready to help you out with leveling and getting stronger.

Call of Mini Infinity Review

I’m one to love multiplayer shooters, so I was pretty much looking forward to playing Call of Mini Infinity, even while shooters on mobiles are often not the easiest to control. This little annoyance of mine turned out to be present in this game as well, with the controls being not so easy to deal with. The main problem seems to be with the aiming, as the gameplay is very fast paced and missing your shots can cost your life and might lose the current match.


Other than the control issues, the gameplay itself seemed to be pretty fun at first. My first two matches were against other newbie players like myself and I even won one of them. The other got me disconnected in the middle, but I still didn’t feel annoyed about that.

Instead I decided to customize my character a little, as I unlocked a talent point. Most of the customizations were locked though, as some of them were level or kill count bound, while others were only unlockable by the premium currency of crystals or with the hard to get obsidians. So left with only a small amount of options, I decided to give another go to the Team Deathmatch.


The next match I joined has shown me the biggest issue this game has: extreme inbalance. I got matched as a level 2, with mostly similar leveled teammates, against level 10 and 13 players. Me and my three teammates spent the whole match basically shooting at a player who had some kind of energy barrier up, yet still not being able to kill him, as he just healed everything up or our shots didn’t even reach him thanks to that barrier. This fight made us feel like ants against a human’s finger, who can just stomp us at any moment, with no chance to fight back.

I played multiple more matches after this one, but each of them were totally inbalanced level wise with very strong players, some of them even having alien weapons shooting laser beams at us, which caused our team to live for a maximum of one second, if not less. Not very fun.


Otherwise features like the Guilds and the team seeker are a nice addition, just like the leaderboards and the singleplayer mode of the Shooting Range, which is perfect when someone doesn’t want to deal with the nervousness of joining a real match.

Overall the gameplay would be pretty fun in Call of Mini Infinity, but the horrible matchmaking and the unbalanced teams really kill all the joy. If you want to give the game a go, be ready to get disappointed often. Still, there are matches when the game gives you balanced teams and those can be great, if you can look past the hard controls. So just decide for yourself whether you want this or not, but I honestly can’t recommend it too much.


Artwork: The artwork of Call of Mini Infinity gets a 7/10. The game doesn’t look exceptional, but it still delivers a believable and enjoyable experience by its visuals. The sci-fi feeling is spot on, even though the textures of the game might not always be.

Music & SFX: The music and SFX of the game deserves a 6/10. The menu music is an okay moodsetter, reminiscent of sci-fi movie theme songs, while the battle music is fitting to the situations most of the time. The SFX in this game is entirely forgettable though, including weapon sounds, as none of them really feel powerful, which a shame.

Story & Originality: Call of Mini Infinity’s story and originality gets a 7/10. There is no doubt this game has an unique and original style in the mobile games market, easily differentiating itself from competitors. The story itself is pretty simple though, as it doesn’t take any major role in the gameplay, but at least they tried and even created some cutscenes, which is nice.

General Gameplay: I give the general gameplay a 4/10. I’m sad to say, but the multiplayer matches are the weakest part of this game, while they should be the focus. The gameplay is okay and fun, although with shaky controls, but the main problem is the amount of pay to win imbalance that can be found in matches. If a player spends money on unlocking weapons, armor and items earlier, they will just dominate battles easily. Matchmaking is also terrible, as level 3 players get matched with level 12s, who have much stronger gear, giving no chance to newbies.

Addictiveness: As for addictiveness, the game gets a 5/10 from me. The general build of the game prefers short battles, therefore giving a lot of space for players to just jump in for a match, then come back and play some more later. This system would be great and really addicting, but the imbalance of matchmaking and pay to win players is a huge turn-off. You either pay up to have a chance, or get beaten almost instantly everytime you spawn. If you are lucky and get matched with players on your own level, then the game can be fun though.

Overall Score: 5/10.



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Tank Fighter Cheats (Unlimited Skulls Hack)

Posted by Hackers University

Run out of resources like Tank Fighter Cash/Money, Fuel and Steel? Or need more Skull Coins (Skulls) for Tank Fighter game on Facebook? Don’t worry as this hack will give you unlimited Skulls that you can use to purchase fuel, TF$, steel, boosts, and even special items like Base Protection, Tank Speed Boost and Extra XP. Read the tutorial below to learn how to apply this working cheat for your Tank Fighter game. You can also watch the video below to see the “Tank Fighter hack” demo in action.

Get free unlimited Skull Coins for Tank Fighter game on Facebook!

Tank Fighter Unlimited Skulls, TF$, Fuel and Steel Hack & Cheats

Just follow the step-by-step guide below on how to use the Tank Fighter cheats in order to have skull coins, cash, fuel and steel that you could use while playing the game.

Skulls are the most important resources in game, as you can use it and exchange with various resources such as TF$, fuel and steel. Steel are needed to upgrade Tanks and Weapons, though you will need to meet the level requirements to unlock more powerful and premium tanks and weapons. TF$ is the cash or money in game that can be used to construct and upgrade buildings, and purchase army support or platoons. More powerful units can be unlocked by increase your level. If you want to level up fast you can use the Skulls to purchase the Extra XP Boost from the Shop.

Fuel is needed to battle in Arena (Play Building) and Tank Fighter Leagues, or play with 2P Mode, 4P Deathmatch and Survival Mode Match. In the League, you can advance to the next divisions by achieving the number of wins required before the league is over. Winning League Medals allows you to unlock special items.

Tank Fighter Game Controls

Tank Control

Tank Controls for Tank Fighers

To Move your Tank: Use the W-A-S-D or Arrow keys on your keyboard.

To Aim the Turret and Shoot: Use the mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to shoot.

To Change Weapons, use any of the methods below:

  • Right click the mouse button
  • Spin the Mouse Wheel
  • Press the Q & E keys on your keyboard
  • Press the 1-9 number keys on your keyboard

To activate a Future Tech item, hit the Space Bar.

Units Control

Units Controls for Tank Fighers

Deploy Units: F1-F5

Select all Platoons: F6/Shift+Mouse drag: Selection box

Target – Move and attack: R

Auto – Fire automatically: T

Gate – Attack the game: G

Hold – Hold position: H

Tank Fighter Trainer

Tank Fighter Hack

Use the “Tank Fighter Trainer” to generate infinite amount of skull coins that you need to build the most powerful base and tank in game!

Tank Fighter Trainer Features:

  • Unlimited Skulls (Skull Coins)
  • Unlimited TF$ (Cash/Money/Gold)
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • Unlimited Steel
  • Free Boosts including Base Protection, Extra XP, Tank Attack Boost, Tank Armor Boost, Tank Cooling Boost, Tank Speed Boost, Tank Defence Boost and Tank Radar Boost.


How to Use Tank Fighter Game Hack/Cheats

1. First, login on your game account (e.g. Facebook) then start playing the “Tank Fighter” game normally using your browser/client.

2. Start and open the “Tank Fighter Trainer”.

3. From the “Select Platform” menu on the Tank Fighter trainer, select your gaming account platform. (e.g. If you are using Facebook to play Tank Fighter game, then select “Facebook” as your game platform, then proceed by connecting it using the “Facebook Connect” button.)

If you are using another platform for the game (e.g. using other login like e-mail login/ game account login), just select the “Detect game account” from the drop-down of the “Select Platform” menu (make sure that the Tank Fighter browser game should be running in the background), then click the “Detect now” button. Your gaming account will be automatically detected as well as the running game.

4. Enter the desired amount of Emeralds that you want to be added or generated in your game. Make sure that the Emeralds option box is marked with “check”. Unchecking it will disable it and won’t generate any value. Also keep in mind that whatever value you have entered will replace your current emerald value. (e.g. If you currently have 50 emeralds, its value will change according to your entered amount on the trainer.)

5. After entering your desired amount, click the “Start Hacking Tank Fighter” button to begin modifying and patching up your game account data resources.

6. Wait for a couple of seconds (or minutes) for the trainer to modify your game account data and add emeralds to it.

7. Congrats! You’ve just manage to cheat Tank Fighter game. Time to check your game and see the added Emeralds! Have fun redesigning your Stronghold using the emeralds.


Download the Tank Fighter Trainer



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About Tank Fighter

Tank Fighter Cheats (Unlimited Skulls Hack)

Tank Fighter is a real time browser action game available on Facebook where you can hunt your friends. In playing Tank Fighter, you command your own tank which you can use against in battling your friends and other players from all over the world. Earning experience points and leveling up lets you unlock many different premium tanks, weapons, medals and armors.

Build your own unique base and fortify it with defense. Strategically place your units to defend your precious resources. Command and train your private army, recruit troops, scout enemy bases and raid real players using your platoon.

Manage and control your own tank in battles. Upgrade your tanks with a wide variety of lethal weapons including Heli Attack, Missile Barrage, Soul Ravager, Dart Storm, Chain Gun and more. Try to unlock premium tanks like Diablo, Big Bud 5000, D.A.R.P.A. 3000, Reaper, Kraken, Musketeer and more. Fight against other Tank Fighters in a hardcore 1-on-1 match and experience multi-player real time battles as you play Tank Fighter.



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Bunny Shooter Hack & Tips for No Ads & Unlimited Skips

Bunny Shooter is a puzzle game published by a company with an interesting name – Best Cool & Fun Free Games which is responsible for other best cool and fun games such as Ant Smasher, Don’t Touch the Rocks or Go-Go Goat. The game is available only on Android but a Christmas version of it can be played on both platforms. It has been downloaded for more than 20 million times and has a 4.6 out of 5 rating on Google Play. Bunny Shooter requires at least an Android version of 2.3 to run smoothly.

The title of the game says it all. In Bunny Shooter you are required to hunt bunnies with a bow. It is simple yet disturbing. The game is very easy at the beginning but after some levels you will see why it is tagged as a puzzle game.

Bunny Shooter doesn’t require a mandatory sign-up and as a matter fact you can’t link any social account or create a game account even if you want to. This means that if you uninstall the game for some reason or change your device, all the progression you’ve made will be lost.

In Bunny Shooter there is no currency whatsoever so there aren’t many microtransactions available. However, if you really want to pay real money to the game to show your support there are some things you can buy. For example, there are different type of bows (visually speaking) that cost $4.99 each. Also, you can buy Rings for Doom (helps you with passing levels) and for just $19.99 you can buy a special bundle that offers you all the bow skins and unlimited Rings of Doom. It is worth mentioning that any successful payment with real-money will make the game ad-free.

Bunny Shooter Hack for No Ads & Unlimited Skips

Do you want to win at Bunny Shooter? Want to beat all of your friends? You’ll need unlimited skips and to remove the ads. To get them for free, download our Bunny Shooter hack tool now, straight from our website. This will let you easily remove ads and get unlimited skips.

The Bunny Shooter hack tool is super simple to use! Have a look at the image below. All you need to do is click “start.” It couldn’t be any easier.


Download our Bunny Shooter hack tool from our site. It will take 30 seconds to download. After it finishes downloading, you’ll need to install it. This takes another 30 seconds.

Then, click on the big, blue “start” button. This will begin hacking the game. After it’s finished — just another 30 seconds, we promise! — open the app like you normally would. The ads will be gone and you’ll have unlimited skips.

Cheats & Tips for Bunny Shooter

  • The most complicated way is not always the right way. If you feel like you can shoot all the bunnies in a simpler way than the game is suggesting, go for it.


  • The arrow doesn’t travel through trees or carrot-like trees either. You need to aim above them.
  • Before you start shooting, think about the trajectory of the arrow. It will help you a lot.
  • See if you can catch two bunnies with one shot. Less arrows used, higher the score.
  • Regarding the above tip, in order to get 3 stars in some levels, you need to shoot 3 or even 4 bunnies with only one arrow. Practice is the key.
  • If you need to send an arrow over a tall obstacle, aim for the sky. The arrow will fall down with a bit of delay and if you are lucky it will go over the obstacle.


  • Keep in mind that the arrows will bounce if they hit anvils, bowling balls and some other obstacles. Use this in your advantage.
  • In levels with balloons, you are not required to hit the balloon. You can hit the rope which is tied to it and it usually does the trick.
  • As a last resort, use the Ring of Doom. It creates small explosives wherever you tap and you will toast the bunnies in no-time. However, you will not get any star for that level.

Bunny Shooter Review

To be honest, when I first heard about the game I was sure that the name is a bit exaggerated or it has a different sense but, to my surprise, you are literally shooting arrows at fluffy little pink bunnies. That’s something new and it somehow feels good (insert evil laugh here). The resemblance of Bunny Shooter with Angry Birds is uncanny. Half of the time you are sure you are playing Angry Birds with a different theme, the other half a complete new game.


I really appreciate the fact that in Bunny Shooter your geometrical abilities are really challenged. The fact that you need to calculate (or guess) angles for the arrows isn’t something new in this type of games but in Bunny Shooter it is very well done – no weird ammo fall or something like that. The game is long enough to keep you entertained but also short enough to keep the player away from abandoning it (yeah Candy Crush, I am talking with you). Currently there are four different worlds with more than fifty levels each. As you progress, you will get different arrows (explosive ones) and even though this feature reminds me of a popular similar game I think that is mandatory for this genre to have different ammo. By comparison, I appreciate more the way you aim in Bunny Shooter than in other games because you have a more clear view to the objectives. Moreover, the zoom function in this game is really helpful. I also like the way the developers designed the menus – colorful but simple. I don’t like flashy and overloaded menus in a game and unfortunately everybody started to do this with theirs.

Like in any review, this is the part where I say the things I don’t really like about Bunny Shooter. First of all, the ads in this game are really annoying – the resolution of some of them (is not because of my device size, I double-checked on two different ones) is bad proportioned meaning that you are not able to close the ad. Besides that, there are also a lot more ads during the game and, in my opinion, the most annoying ones are the ads that appear after you complete a level. The spam level in this game is over 9000 (I know, I know, overused joke). Secondly, I can’t say I am a fan of bows and arrows. The game should have had more options regarding weapons: a slingshot, a crossbow, a baseball and a bat and so on. In the end, even though I am not sure I am right, some of the more complex levels feel scripted. In a lot of games, especially old ones, some actions are pre-written meaning that if you hit a certain spot / reach a certain point, the whole action that happens after is just a video where things are acting like they supposed to be (for example boulders falling and bombs exploding). As I mentioned before, I am not sure if that is the case in this game but this is just how I feel about Bunny Shooter.


Overall, Bunny Shooter is a game with limited potential because of better competition. I don’t think that the game will stay in my library before I finish it but I will probably keep playing it for a while.


Artwork: I give Bunny Shooter a rating of 7 out of 10 for its artwork. Everything about the game is colorful and cartooned and that is a bit weird considering the fact you are slaughtering evil bunnies. The idea is not bad but a game like this really requires some gore (I don’t want to sound like a psycho but the theme is too childish for a game where you hunt animals with a bow). I like how the environment looks and the design of the levels. It is really nice and it really fits the “bunny world”. The animations are not really that great and the way the bunnies are dying is despicable – they are looking like they are teleporting to another dimension. At least, they are looking hilarious.

Music & SFX: Bunny Shooter gets 8 out of 10 at this segment. Even though the game doesn’t excel when you talk about artwork or gameplay, Bunny Shooter has great music. It matches the theme and it reminds me of the Happy Tree Friends opening sound (don’t really know why). The sound effects are interesting and various and I really like the evil laugh of the bunnies – they are hilarious and make me want to punch the screen at the same time.

Story/Originality:  The game gets a rating of 6 out of 10 at this section. As I mentioned before, Bunny Shooter is very similar to other games of its type and even though the developers tried, it doesn’t feel very authentic. The fact that the game lacks a story (even a basic one) is pretty bad in my opinion because I was really curious to know why some pink fluffy bunnies are so evil and why I must stop them using a bow. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have any extra content available and that doesn’t help to the originality. I like the theme’s idea but I think that there is a long way to perfection for Bunny Shooter.

General Gameplay: I give Bunny Shooter a rating of 7 out of 10 for its gameplay. The game is pretty intuitive and fairly easy (when talking about what you need to do in it) but the problem with it lies in the gameplay itself. I mentioned before that I like how the bow acts but the ads are currently stopping me from having fun. Some of the levels requires weird angles and you just can’t control the bow because you are required to click on the bottom ads. Also, there is a problem with keeping your fingers on the screen because the game will register a double-tap and you will shoot two arrows.  Other than this, I haven’t encountered any crashes or freezes.

Addictiveness: Bunny Shooter gets 6 out of 10 for its addictiveness. Besides the four worlds, there isn’t anything else you can do in Bunny Shooter. You can personalize your bow but unfortunately that costs real money. There is no currency in-game so you can’t collect a resource or something like that. Not to mention that a multiplayer implementation would be worthless in a game of its type. I think that the developers should have thought of things that can intrigue the player – for example some achievements or adding a small currency (hit coins with arrows) which you can use to buy different visuals (different colors for the bows or bunnies) and different types of arrows (and this way they wouldn’t be required to offer the player exploding arrows).

Overall, Bunny Shooter gets a rating of 6.8 out of 10. The game is not that bad that it seems but it requires a lot of updates and new content to be considered great.



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BADLAND Hack Tool – Unlock All Level Download

We will provide BADLAND Hacks  Unlock All Levels No Surveys No Password to download for free. Get the BADLAND Hack Cheats Hack Tool and you’ll surely enjoy the game to the maximum.  How to Hack BADLAND   for iOS and Android? Do not worry You Can find here.
our BADLAND Trainer you can get coins, book, supplies unlimited . Our
soft works on all Android and iOS devices. It does not require any
jailbreak or root. Our BADLAND Hack tool is very easy to
use.  Hacked tool is clean of viruses and very easy to use. Alot sites
for BADLAND cheat tools given on the internet but you have
to pay. The cheats and hacks provide a very valuable generator of resources that will be otherwise difficult to get and really time-consuming.

Playing in the woods is very creepy, the Badland this game you play a role as one of the creatures of the forest dwellers. Here you are in charge of completing the level-by-level to gather as many clones you that you have to save. This game will start with a portal that takes you from one level to the next level

How to play Badland is quite easy. Tap anywhere to make a character that you play fly. Here also you can tap or tap continuously hold as a combination of control. The objective of this game is to portals Badland last safely, for it takes foresight and appropriate controls must be required to deal with the situation forest full of obstacles.


BADLAND Hack Instruction:

  1. Click Download Button
  2. Automatic link download to your PC
  3. Install
  4. Game has been hacked
  5. Play game for Free Enjoy it!

Download BADLAND Hack No Survey on here



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