Smash Bandits Tips, Cheats, & Hack for Smash Bucks & Bandit Chips

Want to play in the most craziest road racing games ever created for the app store?  This is the game for you.  Created by Hutch Games Ltd., Smash Bandits Racing is a really fun game where you will get to go through a couple of dirt tracks.  Attempt to get through different challenges by using power ups in order to speed up your car as well as extra gadgets so that you can get away from the cops.  Smash Bandits Racing is compatible for almost all iOS devices which have a compatibility of 4.3 or higher.  However, there is an exception to this.  Any kind of iPod 4’s cannot download the game because it is not supported for iPod 4s.  So sorry to anyone who has a device that old!

An iOS compatibility of 4.3 is pretty low and most devices should have it updated to around 6.0 right now unless you have an extremely old device in your pocket.  The latest update happened on May 15 of 2015 where they simply added Facebook as a way to get through to social media.  This was version 1.08.15 which means that the game hasn’t been updated too much, but still updated quite a bit.  So you can be decently confident that the producers will update the game if there is ever a problem.  Smash Bandits Racing is only in english, but it is pretty easy to figure out even if you don’t quite understand english because it doesn’t use text as much as other games do. Get Smash Bandits on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

In Smash Bandits Racing, you will be indeed, smashing.  You can pretty much smash anything that gets in your way and get to create havoc and destroy anything in your path during the course.  In addition, you will be chased by cops who are trying to stop your destruction which means that you will also have to get the cash to upgrade your car so that you can stay ahead of the cops so that they don’t catch you.  In the beginning, you will start with a very small car which you can continue to upgrade continuously throughout the game.  After you get some more upgrades that could help give you a bit of extra speed, handling, or strength, it will be much easier to get past the cops and smash into more things to create more destruction and be that bandit that you have always wanted to be.  After you have gotten enough cash, you might be able to afford the fastest car in the game, the Venom GT.

After all of this, you can go ahead and play against your friends on Facebook or Game Center to see who can get more attention in the game.  The attention is gathered from the TV shopper that hovers overhead while you are driving.  The more destruction that you make, the more that you get covered by the news because the nes absolutely loves that.  To make the game easier and more easy to drive, there is a cruise control system that allows you to only have to use one finger to guide your vehicle where you want it to go so that you can drive and drift more easily.  This will allows players to play without having to get tired.  Lastly, there is the Bandit Challenge where you can go through 100 different challenges to test your skills as a bandit in the game.

Smash Bandits Racing Hack for Smash Bucks & Bandit Chips

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Cheats and Tips for Smash Bandits Racing

In this game, you want to get the most media coverage as possible.  To do this, you have to make sure that you are both staying away from the cops as well as destroying as many things as posible whenever you are on your ride.  So pretty much, you have to have a good measure between whether you want to create destruction or gain distance away from the cops.  


This will give you the best possible opportunity to get the most media coverage while also not getting caught.  If you do get caught, then you are done for and your run is over.  So in order to beat your friends, try and keep a good balance of how much you are trying to create destruction and how much you are trying to run away from the cops.  Another tip that you can use is to always try and get the best upgrades whenever they are available.  This is especially true for the Bandit Challenge where you have to face 100 different challenges.  By getting the best upgrade possible whenever you can, you will be able to score a lot more points and get a lot more media coverage.


Smash Bandits Racing Review

I think that while Smash Bandits Racing is fun, it is fun to an extent.  It doesn’t really last that long so it is really only fun for a little while.  After you get past the initial story mode of the game and you have gone through the beginning, everything feels really repetitive and might not motivate you to try and do the challenges because they are pretty similar and just as repetitive.  


However, if you have friends who play the game,  it could be fun for a lot longer because it will be a lot more fun to try and compete with your friends rather than just playing solo.  I think that Smash Bandits Racing needs to add some new game mode or some new content to the game to make it more fun to play.  I think that right now, Smash Bandits Racing is good in all of the artwork of the game, but is lacking a bit in the gameplay section because there is no motivation to keep on going.




I would give Smash Bandits Racing a 9/10. I like very much Smash Bandits Racing graphics, but it lags easily when there are many particles going on. While it is really relaxing and I would play it many hours a day, it does not run softly on my phone. Sometimes it closed suddenly too, but I am glad it saves your progress automatically. The effects are good, also. They do not feel like some weird montage with explosions and rocks, but a great work done. I like that there are indicators of what you can and cannot destroy, that makes the game flow much more. It has one simplistic User Interface, which is great for smartphones! I can actually see what is going on without having to take my finger off the screen, which is good. Most smartphone games does not care about how is going to be the player’s view while playing it, but not this game.

Playing in portrait mode is the best, too. The only things that really bothers in the whole game is the occasional lagging, but I guess that could be solved with a cleanup. The menu is also very clean and easy to understand even for the newest of gamers, so I could recommend it to anyone in my family. Being able to mod your car as you gain Smash Bucks is awesome. You can really feel the improvement through the game. All the 3D effect from the menu makes it feel like a really expensive game from a more developed console than a phone. In the first time playing though, I sensed the lack of a more explained objective.

I did not know what to do to wreck not completely my car and what those bars around my car meant (if there was police around me or if it was damage). Maybe the game could have explained that in an equally minimalistic way, but that is hardly a grave error. Having different screens just to congratulate the player on finishing a step in tutorial seemed too drastic, perhaps a little message in the corner would be sufficient, – or even a trophy on Google+, why not, since it is linked to your account. But the graphics, in general, are awesome.

Music and SFX

I would give Smash Bandits Racing a 8/10. The music and sound effects from Smash Bandits Racing is great because it is not repetitive or boring. It really keeps the mood up and you keep smashing cards and objects eagerly because of the beats. The background music kind of reminds me of famous car games because it also chooses for a hard rock playing in the background, which is great for the feels. But even if you play without music, the game keeps being great, because it is not dependent on the music like most racing games. It works just as an additional feature. I wish it could have the option to play your songs from the phone, that would be great, but not everything is perfect.

The effects from explosions and crashes are really realistic and does not feel like the same sound played over and over, because there are a lot of crashing. It really flows with the gameplay and you feel immersed in it. I feel, though, that it lacks a bit of fade-ins and fade-outs, like when the cops are chasing you, the siren should not play when they are at your side, but from a longer distance, approaching the player’s vehicle. Maybe, it could make a difference in the way the player faces the cops, like an opportunity to make more bucks instead of a random surprise (since they are the biggest part of the game – or rather, the bigger crashes). I like how the woman narrating the news from above sounds; she actually describes what is going on, but totally ignores the total wreckage that happens down there. It sounds reckless so it kind of sounds funny, because that would not happen in real life, and this is good, since It is not really a family game, let’s say.

Story and Originality

I would give Smash Bandits Racing a 4/10. Let’s face it, the history is amusing to play, but it is not really deep. There is already a ton of games that embraces racing far away from the police, and I do not think that game is revolutionizing in any way in the story. But anyway, it is not something that the player stops to contemplate anyway. It is still very enjoyable and cool to play. Perhaps not having a long, deep story about it, makes it even more relaxing to play. It would be better, although, if it would be explained to us players how everything started. You are in a middle of a race for fame (apparently) and you need to rock in front of the cameras that fly above you, but why? That is not clear in the game and even though we are not looking for the game of the year here, a basic explanation would be sufficient. But again, nothing that really bothers the most casual of gamers.

You can catch yourself playing this anywhere and at any time of the day without worrying about in-depth stuff, and that is the really deal out of it. I could see anyone of any age playing this and that is great, because that is a really fun game to play, though not with the most original or civilized story. Maybe having more features like being arrested and such should improve more on the game’s originality, but if it remains the same, it goes well. The fact that you can have your car broken is pretty amusing, because you have to take care about how you crash onto things and cars. I missed the fact that police officers have guns and they can damage you and your car really bad. Instead of running off them, you actually wait for them to get closer and then destroy, and they present no hazard to your life! That was a bit silly, but equally funny.

General Gameplay

I would give Smash Bandits Racing a 7/10. I had a great time playing it besides the occasional lag that I suffered, but that may be just my phone. The option to mod your car is really amusing, and the silliness of the game overall is a pretty detail to enjoy. It is those games that you can play for hours long without really being tired of it, and you can see improvement being made (as you mod your car for better velocity, power and maneuver). Although I like the minimalistic UI setting in the game, I lacked some explanation on what to achieve (if more destructions or staying alive). The game can be a bit tough if it decided to stipulate goals.

I thought I would encounter limits to play it daily, but actually there are not, so it is pretty easy to get addicted to. The finger sliding left and right can be a bit tough to deal with depending on your screen’s texture. Mine, for an example, is plain flat and without the smooth granulated some screen protectors give, so sliding was a bit tough after some minutes of playing. But I am sure that is a matter of getting used to it, and not a bigger issue to deal with. Nothing that I will be uncomfortable to deal after hours or days playing it. You have to pay attention to road at all the time because, depending on how you enter curves, you may crash your car pretty easy and fast on fences. The good part, though, is that you can improve your car so it will get more resistant and able to wreck even wood fences!


I would give Smash Bandits Racing a 9/10. It is really easy to get addicted to this game! The actual playing (the driving and all the wrecking) can be fast or long, but you will play again. As you break things, you earn in-game money for that to mod your car to break even MORE things. It is the ultimate formula to get addictive to a game. The graphics, the music and the sound effects do not let you get bored to it, so you keep playing and when you see it, you passed time easily. The game is easy to get in and out of it (does not require great loading, even though having good graphics), so anytime really that you feel like it, you can open the game and play right away.

It is great to feel that you have many things to buy to empower your car against the objects you can crash, and when you think you reached the max modifications on your vehicle, you can unlock a new one! It really improves through gameplay and it has a great potential to be the best racing game for smartphones ever. The simplicity of it is what makes it so good, it is a great feature the developers knew how to make use of.

Overall Ratings

Overall, I would give Smash Bandits Racing a 9/10.



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