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Looking to play that classic game of Snakes & Ladders where your luck is all you need in order to win?  Created by MOBIRIX, Snakes & Ladders King is compatible with all devices which have an iOS update of 6.1 or higher.  Unless you have not been updating your device for the past two years, you won’t be able to download this game because the compatibility of Snakes & Ladders King is too high for you to play without going on your computer and downloading the most recent update so that you get the iOS version 7.0.  Unless you know english or japanese, you won’t be able to play Snakes & Ladders King without being able to the game without knowing either of those languages.

So basically if you know english well enough in a country other than the United States, then it will be much more difficult to play the game because you won’t really know the instruction of the game.  However, you really don’t have to know the instruction of the game because it is super simple to understand and the game is really obvious to know what is going on.  You will know what is going on in the game after playing a bit of the game just because it is so simple.  The most recent update in Snakes & Ladders King happened on January 6, 2015 which means that there is a good chance that the producer is still looking to update this game since it was updated in the last year.  This update, which was version 1.0.31 allowed players to find a reduced number of bugs considering the bugs in the game from the multiplayer mode.

This addition allowed other players to understand how the bugs are now getting fixed.  Not only for all of this, but the game is taking up 13.0MB of space meaning that the game will take up that much space on your device.  So you should really be a bit considerate considering the amount of space that it takes up.  Although this game is a little bit less of the average size of a game considering other games which usually require 70MB. Snakes and Ladders King is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Snakes and Ladders King Hack for High Score

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Snakes & Ladders King Background

This game of Snakes & Ladders requires a ton of time but it also takes a lot of effort in order to keep on playing.  Basically, you just need to be the very first person to go up all of the 100 steps in the game.  Let me tell you about the game a bit so that you an understand a lot better because it may seem a bit confusing at first, but it will be a little bit easier.  So first of all, you can choose between a ton of different modes in Snakes and Ladders King.  I will talk about the modes later, but the game is pretty simple and the modes are pretty much the same considering if you know all of the rules of the game and know how to play the game.  The first thing that you will do in the game is choose a mode in the game and then wait for it to load into the game.

First of all, you will get to roll some dice when it is your turn to play.  The game shows you a little wheel that you will get to see and be able to stop the wheel so that you are able to land on a number that you want to get but it is really just random so you can’t really choose the number that you are going to get.  So basically, just roll the dice and the number that you get on the wheel is the number of squares that you get to move in the positive direction, or whichever direction is moving from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and etc.  After you reach the square that you get from which you land on, you will take a next step in the game.

If the square that you land on is a ladder, then you will be able to move up to where the ladder lets you on the square that you land on.  If you manage to land on a snake, then you will have to go down to where the snake brings you to which means the tail of the snake.  This is only on the snake head, so if you land on its body, then you can go ahead and stay on it because you won’t have to go down to the tail.  You can also only go up on ladders and not down on ladders so it is fairly easy to understand how to play this game.  This game is only ruled by three rules, so if you don’t know english or japanese, you can probably still understand and know how to play this game without too much trouble considering the game is only ruled by three rules that you have to understand.

In Snakes & Ladders King, you will also be able to invite a friend to play on Facebook or Twitter.  This allows you to play with them and play in the exact same game as them.  As an added benefit, you don’t even have to play online with them.  If you are close to them and your phones can detect each other, you can connect online so that you can play without the use of the internet.  You can do this just like you can with a Nintendo DS where you can connect with other devices in order to play.  If you do invite more friends, it is a lot more fun whenever you play the game.  Also, you will have the ability to get on the leaderboards if you manage to get the best score.

The score is based off of you scoring points from whatever square that you land on.  This will judge the amount of points that you get.  Understanding the point system in this game is not very important and also not very easy to understand.  There is actually no reason to have a leaderboard unless it sorts people by number of wins.  Otherwise, the points are basically accumulated together during the game so the longer that your game is, the more points that you will get and you will probably get more points in the end.  Lastly, there is an achievement tab where you can go ahead and do some special actions during the game that will earn you a couple of achievements in Snakes and Ladders King.  For example, if you get your first win in online multiplayer, you can get a couple of achievements from that.

The first mode that you can play is the survival mode.  This is the mode that is pretty self explanatory.  You can go ahead and play against yourself where you have to survive by rolling the dice and not dying from the snakes that you drop you off of the board.  You will have to try and survive in the game and not die by rolling the dice and waiting to see whenever you actually die.  Essentially you could just be blindly clicking the buttons in the game and see where you get in the survival game because you are simply at the mercy of the game when it comes to trying to survive in the survival mode.

The second mode that is available is the one that you are probably going to play unless you are online or have friends nearby.  You will be able to face a computer who is just rolling the dice and moving wherever the flow takes him.  So essentially, you will get to play against a bot who is quicker because he will play the moves a lot quicker than the multiplayer mode will.  So you should be playing this game if you have a short amount of time before you have to do something.  This is essentially the quick play mode in the game.

The last and third mode that is available for players is the multiplayer mode where you will be able to play against up to three other people or against someone one on one.  You can play against people online so that you can see how you fair against other people.  But once again, this game is pretty much just based off of your luck with the game and see what the dice give you, so it is really just picking out a random winner.  I would also not play this game because there simply aren’t enough people who are playing this game right now.  So basically if you even look for people to play the game with right now, you won’t be able to find anyone because this game is pretty unpopular and not really in style right now.

Cheats and Tips for Snakes & Ladders King

There are really no tips or cheats that I can offer you in this game, Snakes and Ladders King.  It is all entirely luck in this game.  The game relies on luck to roll the dice and it pretty much makes it so that the game is pretty much determining your fate before the game is already played out.  This is really because the game gives you a random number of 1 to 6 on the dice and you will get whatever you get and there is no skill that is involved in this game.  


If there was some kind of reason that this game was at all exciting, it would have to have some kind of change up with the game so that the game is a lot more strategy instead of entirely luck in the game.  The ladders would have to be optional or something or an even better idea is that you will have to play some separate game in order to even get a chance to roll the dice using a skill based game because right now, it is impossible to play with all of luck that is involved in the game.  How exactly are you supposed to play a game that is entirely based on luck especially in a multiplayer situation.  The winner is already decided by luck instead of skill.  So any of the leaderboard and how to get on the leaderboard is irrelevant because it has nothing to do with how good you are at the game, but rather how lucky you can get in the game.


So overall, this game is so luck based that there are no tips that I can give you in order to improve in this game and the only way that you are going to improve in this game is by getting lucky at the game more often than anyone else.

Snakes & Ladders King Review

Snakes & Ladders King is entirely based off of an already established game that has been out for years.  Snakes and Ladders is a board game but now is on the app store.  Although the game is pretty fun to play with your friends, there is literally no online appeal to the game.  A luck based game has no reason to be online multiplayer for the game.  With a luck game, there is no competition between players which means that most players won’t be playing the game for an extended game.  


If you are looking to compare yourself against the other players, think again for a different game.  You don’t want to play a luck based game and try and be competitive at it.  It is almost like challenging someone else to rolling dice.  It is like comparing who can get the higher number whenever you roll two dice.  If you don’t have any competition in a game, don’t input some kind of online multiplayer mode.  Yes, I am fine with an offline mode, but it is so unnecessary to put in a online mode for a luck based game.  There are no in-app purchases in the game and thank goodness for this.  It would make no sense to do an in-app purchase for a game considering that the game is pretty much just luck.


I would recommend this game for anyone who is just looking for something to waste their time with for a short time.  It is not even really a good time waster.  You aren’t having much fun with the game because you are clicking for a roll of the dice and nothing else.  So pretty much anyone could play the game and be find with the game.



I would give Snakes & Ladders King a 3/10.  The artwork is pretty basic with some snakes and ladders but nothing other than that so there is really nothing to look at.  The artwork isn’t done fantastically even though they could have done so much more with the game if they added some additional gameplay and thus, added more artwork, but they just made it online.

Music and SFX

I would give Snakes & Ladders King a 1/10.  The music and sound effects in the game are really boring and almost non-existent.  You aren’t really doing anything other than hearing your dice roll and then just watching your character go up the ladders or go down on the snake or just moving across the board.  It is not exciting and frankly, pretty boring.

Story and Originality

I would give Snakes & Ladders King a 1/10.   There is no storyline attached to the game and if there were, I would probably give this game a zero because any storyline that would attached to this game would be so bad to the point where the game would not be worth playing just because of the corny storyline.  It is based off of a board game so I guess it could be original for making it an online game, but I wouldn’t call online Poker original, so I won’t for this game.

General Gameplay

I would give Snakes & Ladders King a 2/10.  You don’t do anything else other than roll dice so there is not much gameplay to talk about.  The snakes and ladders game itself is a bad game so I can’t imagine it being online to make it any better.  They do have this online concept so I can’t say that the game is that bad because you can play with friends, but I don’t think it is necessary to add an online mode because no one will play, so I’ll give them a little bit of an applause for their effort.


I would give Snakes & Ladders King a 1/10.  If you are just clicking buttons to roll a dice and watching your character move up and down and side to side around the screen, then are you really having fun or going to be addicted to that kind of game?  No, you aren’t, so you can imagine that this game isn’t exciting or addicting either.

Overall Rating

Overall, I would give Snakes & Ladders King a 1/10.  



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