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When it comes to a new version of Solitaire, what do people expect from the game? Mostly just to be as true to the classic as possible, while providing a fun experience. You are gonna have a great ride with Solitaire, as it doesn’t only stay true to the original, but also introduces community and leaderboards related features!

Solitaire is a mobile version of Windows Solitaire, staying close to the classic card game. It’s presented by the developer MobilityWare, who has also released other similar titles like Spider Solitaire, Freecell Solitaire and Solitaire for Android Wear and the Apple Watch.

Solitaire is currently rated 4.3/5 stars on the Google Play Store, while having a 4.5/5 stars rating of its most popular version on the Apple App Store. The game has been downloaded over 60 million times since its release, which is an exceptional amount. It promises to add new and exciting features to the usual Solitaire gameplay, so let’s just see for ourselves how successful these new features are!

When it comes to the gameplay of Solitaire, it’s as true to the original as possible, the game really doesn’t try to make it harder or easier than the usual. Everything plays out just as you would expect, presenting a good and fair challenge.

The innovative areas of the game are the various new additions, which make this version much more exciting than most others. Let’s start with the multiple types of game modes available. The game allows you to play Random Deal, Winning Deal, Daily Challenge and Multiplayer, while also having an option to replay your previous deal.

Random Deal is the usual Solitaire game mode, where you get dealt your cards randomly and you have to win using those. If you are annoyed at possibly unsolvable deals, then Winning Deal is for you, as any deal in this mode can be surely won in at least one way. Daily Challenge on the other hand presents a pre-set deal each day, which is the same for any player attempting it. Successfully completing these deals daily award you with crowns and possibly trophies. Then you have the Multiplayer mode, which will match you with another player. Both of you will be be playing and be scored normally, while each player’s score is visible for the other, so you always know who is in the lead.

Other than the various game modes, Solitaire also allows a lot of customization options for the type of rules to use, the way to play and to the visual style of the playfield itself. Regarding the rules, you can choose to play the game using three draws instead of one, while you can also choose to have no scoring on your games, use standard scoring or Vegas scoring.

As for the ways to play, you can choose to use Tap To Move or not. Tap To Move makes it so that tapping on cards moves them to the correct place, without you having to manually drag them there. If you want a more classic challenge, then turning this option off is ideal. You can also have hints turned on, which will show you a hint every 15 seconds without a move.

The visual style of the playfield can be customized in more than one way as well in Solitaire. You can choose to show the elapsed time and your moves or not, choose to show deals right handed or left handed, and go fullscreen. Though the more interesting options include changing the background of the game field from the basic green to any of the preset ones or you can even use custom pictures. Changing the cardback is also possible, choosing from the available 17 presets or using your own custom pictures. The last option for visual style are the card faces, which are customizable as well, although the difference is much smaller between the 4 options, to preserve the ease of the gameplay.

Other than those features, the game also has leaderboards, where you can show off your scores against people playing the same deals as you. Then you can also check out the available achievements, which are there to add new goals in your Solitaire carreer.

The game also has some ads to support itself, which are shown before every second or third deal, but these are not too intrusive and can easily be exited.

Solitaire Hack for No Ads Unlock

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Cheats & Tips for Solitaire

Solitaire is a game that generally has a fair difficulty, with even beginners being able to win a few games, but actually having to master the game to become a pro. Cheats for this game are few and far inbetween, although some tips can be useful.


If you are just starting out, or if you are not too good at Solitaire, then consider turning off scoring, so you don’t have anything to worry about while playing. Make it a simple learning experience until you get better at the game!


As for another tip, if you are really into the game, consider doing each daily challenge to win crowns. Once you have enough of those, you will even get trophies to show off to your friends. Ranking in the daily challenges or at the leaderboards is a great way to compete in this game, along with the multiplayer mode!

Solitaire Review

Solitaire is a game that was part of a lot of people’s early card gaming carreers, including me as well. It’s a card game which can be understood in under 5 minutes, so no wonder it got as popular as it did. Whether you have played the game in real life, played it on a computer, or maybe haven’t even heard about it before, this mobile version is sure to get you hooked.


I got into this game with nostalgia, as I haven’t played the game in a long time now. I’m glad to say that this version’s gameplay is exactly the same as an avid player would expect. The game is very responsive and easy to control, with being able to choose Tap To Move or manually grab the cards. Personally I prefer manually moving the cards, as it’s more of a challenge that way. Sometimes you have to rearrange the stack of cards to make a move, which is much harder when you use Tap To Move.


As for the new gameplay features, I really liked most of them. The Daily Challenge was probably my favorite, as it provides the player with a new incentive to come back daily and play the game. The multiplayer matches were also interesting, even while I pretty much lost all three I played, as I’m nowhere near a pro as my opponents were.

All the available options for customization of the game are also very welcome, especially the visual style changes, which help making the game feel more personal and fresh.


Overall, Solitaire is an awesome game, even on mobiles. So if you are interested in any way and want to either spend some free time with the game or plan on advancing the leaderboards, just give it a go!


Artwork: I give the artwork of Solitaire an 8/10. The game looks just like the Windows version, but fit to the mobile screen, which is nice. My only small complaint is that menus are pretty inconsistent in their design, so almost all of them look different, instead of having a unified style. Other than that, the style is great, along with the possible customizations of the board and cards.

Music & SFX: The SFX of the game deserves an 8/10. The game doesn’t feature any music whatsoever, but the SFX of the cards are top notch. They use simple, yet effective sounds to indicate where a card got placed, making it easier to keep track of the game.

Story & Originality: Regarding originality, the game gets a 8/10 as well. This is Solitaire, there isn’t much space to innovate, as all the game rules are already set. Still, this version managed to add enough new features and options to make it stand out as unique among the other Solitaire games.

General Gameplay: I give the general gameplay a 9/10. This game does Solitaire very well. You have got all features that the classic game has, while also having many new additions like multiplayer battles, daily challenges, multiple type of game modes, customizable backgrounds, card backs and faces, among others. The number of ads are not even enough to take away from the experience. It’s definitely a great pickup for any Solitaire fan.

Addictiveness: Addictiveness wise the game gets a 9/10 from me. This game definitely invites you back again time after time. Either to complete daily challenges, rank on the leaderboards or just to play a few deals of Solitaire when you have a little free time, you will want to come back to the game day after day! This is definitely one of the best on the market right now!

Overall Score: 8/10.




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