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The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack

Tapped Out Hack The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack

How to hack the simpsons tapped out and get unlimited donuts.

NOTE: before you comment it didn’t work make sure you followed the tutorial properly! If you could run the game before the hack you should be able to run it after following the steps properly!

What you need:
iFile (Cydia)
Safari Download Manager (Cydia; apt.Xsellize.com )
crack file (MediaFire)
The Simpsons Tapped out (Apple Store)

1. Download and install iFile and Safari Download Manager (Cydia)
2. Download the cracked file
3. Unarchive the crack file (Note it will be 11.6 MB)
4. Find the new “Tapped Out” file and change the permissions of User, Group, World to read, write and execute.
5. Copy your “Tapped Out” file.
6. Go to Applications/Tapped out/Tapped out.app
7. Paste the file and hit “Overwrite” when prompted.
8. Close out The Simpsons even in the multitasking bar!
9. Open the game and enjoy!

Once again if your app isn’t working you did something wrong follow the steps one more time.

Q. Zomg I did everything right and my app crashes now!
A. No you didn’t, make sure your “Tapped Out” folder is 11.6 MB and permissions of User, Group, and World are read, write and execute.

Q. It worked before now the game keeps closing! (pt. 1)
A. If the game gave you doughnuts in a way other than the hack this sometimes makes the game crash repeatedly, Uninstall the game, reinstall it, collect doughnuts rehack game.

Q. Why does my game keep closing?! It worked before! (pt. 2)
A. Close the game from multitasking and respring then try again.

Q. What’s Cydia, iFile?
A. Jailbreak your device.



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