Yoo Ninja Rush Tips, Cheats, & Hack for Upgrades & Coins


Developed by Wei Wang, Yoo Ninja Rush-Jumping, is an endless racing game where you lead a lone ninja warrior called Funia from rooftop to rooftop as he collects coins and throws ninja stars at monsters and other bad guys, also making sure not to collide with them. Yoo Ninja Rush-Jumping is not to be confused with the very similar Ninja Jump, although the games bear a resemblance they are from different developers and are vastly different in many respects.

Yoo Ninja Rush Hack for Upgrades

Yoo Ninja Rush-Jumping is truly a free game, it doesn’t offer any in app purchases that require real money, all items and upgrades can be bought using the coins earned in game.  Yoo Ninja Rush-Jumping is available only on the iTunes App Store and is rated as suitable for gamers aged 4 and older. You can play Yoo Ninja Rush on iPhone, iPad, and iPhone 5 but it’s optimized for iPhone 5, keep in mind you will need at least iOS 6.0 to play this game. Get it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Yoo Ninja Rush Hack for Upgrades & Coins

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Cheats and Tips for Yoo Ninja Rush

There are two main currencies in Yoo Ninja Rush-Jumping, hearts and coins, both are collected by running into them during gameplay. Hearts are your lives, while you’re running you encounter monsters and spiky vines, if you collide with either of these you lose a life, once you lose all of your lives the game is over.


You also have to make sure to not fall in between rooftops, as you’re bouncing from rooftop to rooftop, and making sure not to hit monsters and vines, it’s fairly easy to fall in between the rooftops. If this happens the game is over regardless of how many heart you have.

For each run you complete you receive coins, this is largely based on how many coins you receive in game as well as the distance you completed. You can use these coins in the in app store to purchase upgrades which essentially work as cheats. Upgrades are useful for promoting you to the next level, the higher the level the more perks you have to help you run longer.


Upgrade from level one to level two for 30,000 coins and you’ll get 4 hearts instead of the customary 3. For 8000 coins upgrade to a 2x coin multiplier. For 40,000 coins get 10 seconds of invincibility. For 7,000 coins increase the frequency of hearts by 15%. And for 7,000 coins increase the frequency of ninja stars by 15% as well.

The controls for Yoo Ninja Rush-Jumping are very simple, tap on the screen to jump, the height and distance of your jump will be determined by how long you hold down on the screen. Fire off your ninja stars by tapping on the ninja star icon on the lower right hand side. To avoid dying at the hands of your enemies, either jump over them, hit them with a ninja star before you reach them, or jump on top of them.

One of the most important facets of Yoo Ninja Rush-Jumping is the conservation of ninja stars. You only start off with three ninja stars and that’s not nearly enough to deal with the plethora of monsters you encounter. Make a habit of collecting as many as you can while running, and only use them when you’re absolutely sure you can’t jump over, or step on, the monster.

Timing is the name of the game in Yoo Ninja Rush-Jumping, the key is to get in a good rhythm and stay there. Don’t let enemies distract you from the jump, even if you lose a life as long as you don’t fall off the building you’re still in the game.

Yoo Ninja Rush Review

Let’s start off with the positives first, the artwork was pretty good, attention was paid to some of the finer details and the developer did a fair job in trying to make this look like the ancient Far East. Also the game was completely free as it claimed, there were no in-app purchases, something you rarely see in mobile games.


Moving on, Yoo Ninja Rush-Jumping is perhaps one of the worst games I’ve had the displeasure of playing. To start off the background and the foreground aren’t aligned so that the background moves much quicker than your actual in game speed, which is incredibly confusing.

The worst thing in terms of gameplay are the ads that pop up while you’re playing! Many times I’ll be in the middle of a run and right before I touch the screen to perform a jump, an advertisement comes in out of nowhere and I accidently click on that instead. This means I have to wait for the ad to load, wait until it transfers to the app store page, close the app store, and then I can go back to playing.

This isn’t a one time thing either, I was constantly exposed to a barrage of advertisements, one after the other, ads dominated the entire experience. But it doesn’t stop there, the controls are not responsive, if you click on the screen and hold it for a long jump you could just as well do a short jump.

Not to mention there was very little thought that went into the placement of the obstacles and monsters. Most of the time it is next to impossible to avoid the monster and also reach the next roof top, had this been the case for the higher levels I would’ve understood, however this is the case throughout the game. Also the height and distance of the jumps do not correspond to the placement of the rooftops that you are supposed to be jumping onto. Sometimes when the next rooftop is very close, even the smallest jump will over shoot the desired landing place.


It is as if the developer haphazardly placed the obstacles, as well as the rooftops, with little to no regard for actual gameplay. That coupled with the pervasive and annoying advertisements made for a frustrating and annoying gaming experience. Unless you have a taste for the poorly made, I would highly advise against this download.


Artwork 5/10

The artwork was the best aspect of this game. Contrary to any other aspect of Yoo Ninja Rush-Jumping it seems as if thought and care went into the artwork.

Sound/ Effects 1/10

Repetitive, shrill, background music plays while you’re running and the most annoying and generic “womp-womp-womp” plays when you die. Otherwise there’s nothing.

Story/ Originality 1/10

Considering the name is a rip off of a much popular, and far superior, game called “Ninja Jump”, and the entire premise is one that’s been done to death by numerous other developers and enthusiasts, originality is not a positive factor here. Also there is no story line, you’re just a ninja running on rooftops.

General Gameplay 1/10

It doesn’t seem as if any thought went into trying to make this a fun game to play. Ads that pop up in the middle of a game, late response on controls, lack of synchronization between character ability and the requirements of the game, and the list goes on.

Addictiveness 1/10

I was deterred by Yoo Ninja Rush-Jumping, far from addicted.

Overall Rating 1.8




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