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Today we have brought you a game which should give you a bit nostalgic feeling if you’re a gamer from early 90s when side scrolling beat-‘em-up games like Final Fight dominated the market. Actually Final Fight was the first game that came in my mind when I ran Zombie Age 2, which is our today’s game to be reviewed. Both of these games have a lot in common, both are side scrolling, the way enemies appear and especially the movement of main character, all of these things resembles too much and if you like side scrolling games like Final Fight then there are chances that you might want to try out Zombie Age 2 too.

Zombie Age 2 is developed by DIVMOB and is available for iOS and Android based devices. As you might have noticed there is ‘2’ in the name indicating that it’s a sequel but Zombie Age 2 isn’t anything like the first part. The latter version even received better response from the users with a 4.3/5 stars rating and more than 5 million downloads and compared to 4/5 stars rating with hardly a million downloads.

The place where this games fails to leave a decent impression is the story, even Final Fight provides a better one despite being more than 2 decades old. Zombie Age series is set in an apocalyptic world, in which the world is under attack by zombies. Only few people were able to save themselves from becoming meat for zombies and luckily you are one of them, at least in your town. In original Zombie Age you had to defend your house while keeping an eye on your supplies, and of course the supplies won’t last forever and Zombie Age 2 continues the story from that point. The supplies are about to exhaust and you have realized that you cannot stay in your house anymore, so you take a leap of faith and fight your way out. But to where? Game fails to answer this question.

Literally, I’m fed-up from reviewing games based upon this theme. It’s more like developers believe they aren’t a developer till they make an endless game or a game based upon this rugged theme of apocalypse. They could have took inspiration from old games but no! all they want to do is follow the trend rather than being a trendsetter. Story is one of the many ingredients required to give a great taste hence let’s see if Zombie Age 2 does any better in the remaining.

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Zombie Age 2 Background

The gameplay starts with one of the lamest intros I have ever seen! But graphically Zombie age 2 leaves a good mark by using cell shaded artwork which gives overall comic look to the game. Intro is followed by a small tutorial which tells about the controls. There is analog stick on the left side of the screen and two buttons on the right side. Analog stick will be used to move the character both horizontally and vertically exactly like Final Fight even the character changes its face’s direction in the same way. Extreme right side button is used to pull out and shoot gun while the remaining one is for melee weapon. Of course gun is more powerful as compared to melee attack but the catch here is that melee will move the zombie away from you too.

There are a total of seven regions affected by zombies and each region contain seven further divisions or we can say area based missions. Almost all missions are more like a run, you have to survive and reach other end of the stage so a helicopter can take you away and some of them might even involve you to defend something, for example, helicopter or even grandpa, that’s not all each mission also have three tasks, for example, finish mission within thirty seconds or finish with more than seventy percent health, and completing one task will give you one star making a total of three per mission. You don’t have to complete these tasks to unlock the next mission but unlocking a region requires specific number of stars, for example, you’ll need nine stars to unlock China Town and one hundred twenty to unlock New Hope which is the last region.

Zombies will spawn from both sides, you aren’t supposed to let them come close otherwise it doesn’t really matter if you are shooting at them or not they will hurt you. As you’ll reach higher level missions you’ll meet new, quicker and deadlier zombies. There isn’t any limit to zombies in any mission they are countless!!! All you have to do is complete your target and fly away, and if you stay on a mission and keep zombies engaged for a long time, they will grow stronger. Again just like Final Fight you’ll find different dropouts and obstacles on the road, breaking few of them will result in a blast killing nearby zombies and rest will give you coins, ammo or powerups, and some can even be empty.

Whenever a zombie dies it leaves coins and gives experience points, and if you don’t collect these coins or any item which appears after breaking obstacles, they will disappear after a while. Experience points are required to level up character. Leveling up replenishes the health and increases maximum health too. Your current level and experience points required to attain the next one is mentioned in the middle of main menu screen. Whenever you’ll clear a level, based on your performance, you’ll get coins and experience points as reward.

Coins is one of the two currencies of this game and other one is Cash. You don’t have to struggle much for coins but the issue is that you can only purchase the basic and just forty percent of total things with coins, for remaining you’ll need those greenish Notes/Cash. Cash is the premium currency of this game. They are extremely rare. At the end of first region I only had three Cash hence you can imagine the difficulty to obtain those upgrades and powerups if you’ll keep yourself dependent upon Cash from gameplay. You can also obtain free Cash by completing surveys and installing game by visiting free cash section.

One of the impressive things about this game is the customizability. In store you have twenty-nine different weapons and each one of them can be upgraded to four levels. Every weapon has its specialty, some can deal more damage while other has more clip/magazine size or higher firing rate, and upgrading them will increase all three of these things. Every weapon requires you to be on a specific level before you can purchase them, and only four weapons can be purchases and/or upgraded through coins, and rest requires Cash.

Powerups/boosts are getting extremely common in games and Zombie Age 2 isn’t any different. In Zombie Age 2 you have these boosts:

Ammo Pack – it is single use, refills twenty-five percent of your ammo and costs five hundred coins.

Ammo Box – It works the same way as Ammo Pack except it reloads your ammo by fifty percent and costs thrice as much as Ammo Pack.

Coin Magnet – You don’t have to move to collect coins, they will come towards you but for three minutes and costs one cash.

Med-Kit – These can be handy whenever you’re on a lengthy mission. It replenishes your health completely for two cash.

Speed Boots – As its name suggests, it will increase the speed of your character for twenty seconds and costs two cash.

Atk-Gloves – These gloves increases the attack power for thirty seconds and takes two cash in return.

Int-Hat – It increases the experience points, that you’ll earn, by a factor of two and again costs two cash.

Body Armor – Using this will make you immortal but for just ten seconds and price is same as previous one.

S.W.A.T – This one looks good graphically and also is effective when you’re surrounded by uncontrollable number of zombies. This boost calls for an air strike which lasts for six seconds and of course kills every zombie. Its costs three cash.

Iron Suit – This one is most expensive boost, costing five cash and transforms your character into mega iron bot with machine gun for thirty seconds. This bot also has limited power hence you’ll go back if any of time or health goes to zero.

Other than these boosts you’ll find sixteen characters. Selection of a character is important as the health and melee attack power depends upon it. These characters are funny, cute and most of these character resembles and are named after popular heroes and villain. That’s not it, every character, except the first few basic, has special abilities and these abilities are related to those heroes and villain, for example, you can buy Logan for two hundred Cash and it regenerates its health at the rate of five hp per second just like in X-men, there is Joker too.

As previously mentioned that getting Cash isn’t easy but there are In-app purchases available if you are willing to spend few bucks on this game. Your first ever purchase will remove all ads banners and you’ll get package worth of five Cash for free which includes two med kits, one atk-gloves and one speed boots. The basic package of Cash costs $1.99 and gives just twenty Cash, for $4.99 you can get fifty-five Cash, one hundred-twenty Cash will set you back by $9.99, the second last package costs $19.99 and fills up your game by two hundred sixty Cash and the last one will be heavy on your pocket as it costs $49.99 and gives equally massive seven hundred Cash in return.

Although coins will be enough but just in case if you’re looking for an edge in-app purchases are available for coins too. Twenty thousand Coins costs $1.99, fifty five thousand coins costs $4.99, $9.99 will get you one hundred twenty thousand, two hundred sixty thousand coins for $19.99 should be enough to fill your hunger and if still not enough then you can always opt for the last package which gives seven hundred thousand coins for $49.99. You can also get coins, cash and many other rewards through free daily slot spins or by paying one cash to spin them.

This review is for version 1.1.5 of Zombie Age 2 which requires Android 2.3 (gingerbread) or iOS 6.0. This game has the option to toggle graphics between high & low mode which should allow it to run smoothly on low-end devices. You can sync your device with Google Play Games to cloud save your game data and also for leaderboards comparison. There are a total of ten achievements available of Zombie Age 2 on Google Play Games, each of these gives ten thousand XP which should be enough for anyone looking to update profile.

Cheats & Tips for Zombie Age 2

This game is attractive but the freemium elements keeps it away from giving those joyful moments but don’t be sad as there is modified version of this game available, at least for android there is, which will give you never ending, enormous amount of Cash and Coins to fulfill all of your in-game desires. All you have to do is google this modified version, download it, remove the previous version and install the new one. Make sure “install from unknown sources” is checked in application settings. You cannot get achievements or sync with Google Play Games by using modified version.


There is another trick which should get you your daily spin without waiting. All you have to do is follow these steps, and set the time and date of device to any upcoming day.


  1. Turn off your mobile data and Wi-Fi.

  2. Force close app from application settings.

  3. Go to your device’s settings and open “Date and time” settings.

  4. Change the time and date to any upcoming day, and enjoy free spins.

Zombie Age 2 Review

I have to admit that this game is vanilla, addictive and gameplay is fun. Although in a different way but it does bring back old days. I expected the game to be just about scrolling and killing but there are different touches, for example, defending helicopter or Grandma, which doesn’t let the game lose its temper. Touch of missions and tasks also adds a fun element to the gameplay and keeps the user within the game.  Control are easy to get hold of but a floating analog stick would have made the gameplay even better.


The artwork of this game is gorgeous, the cell-shaded designs leaves a decent impression. All the characters, guns and powerups are beautifully designed and gives exact comic book look. The customization is one of the key attractions of this game and you don’t get to see customization of this level very often. The UI design again follows the footsteps of rest of the artwork, and is free of any complexities. The map menu provides all the information that you need to know before entering in a mission.

The sound department is just normal, you’ll hear the bullets falling, firing but there should have been a scary element as this game is based upon zombies!!! There aren’t any proper roars nor is the bullet firing sound synced with the bullets itself! The background doesn’t feel repetitive but the issue is how a thing can feel repetitive when that thing doesn’t even exist. They should have spent a bit more time on this area.


Overall Zombie Age 2, mainly because of artwork and gameplay, is definitely playable. The sound area or the lack of story aren’t a major issue but constant pushes towards in-app purchases are.


Game’s Artwork: I’ll give Zombie Age 2 a 7.5/10 here. As previously mentioned, the game has a comic and cartoonish feeling. The colors are vivid and bright making it them attractive and pleasant for eyes.

Music & SFX: Zombie Age 2 will just get a 6.5/10 here. Developers need to understand that sound department is like a bonus which they can use to cover-up their other flaws and without music game doesn’t reach the level it should. The background music is extremely short and it end before even starting!!!!

Story & Originality: I’ll give this game another 6.5/10. The Zombified theme is another issue but the adaptation is even lamer. A helicopter can come to pick you off from the ending of mission why it cannot straight away take you to a new safe point? Like seriously? Please come up with something better than save the world from zombies!


General Gameplay: Zombie Age 2 gets an 8/10 here. The gameplay is fun and offers lot of customizations. The only complain I’ve is the driving force towards in-app purchases.

Addictiveness: I’ll give Zombie Age 2 a 7.5/10. As I have already mentioned previously that this game is addictive and I wouldn’t mind playing it for hours. Whenever it is about to feel repetitive a different stage comes in and resets that feeling.

Overall I’ll give this game a 7/10.




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