Zombie Frontier 2: Survive Hack, Tips, & Cheats for Money & Gold


Are you ready to risk your life and try to save the world? Scientists are hard working on creating a cure to the T-virus that has infected most of the world’s population and turned them into zombies. Will you help them in Zombie Frontier 2: Survive to deal with the zombie treat and catch live specimens for experimentation?

Zombie Frontier 2: Survive is a zombie shooter game by FT Games, a developer who’s focus is mainly on the Android market. Their other games include, but are not limited to Zombie Evil, Zombie World War, SWAT, Ninja Rush HD and Jackpot Slots Club.

Zombie Frontier 2: Survive is a highly successful shooter game, with ten millions of downloads on the Google Play Store and a rating of 4.2/5 stars. Frequent updates and a lot of satisfied players usually mean something good, but let’s just not assume, instead see it for ourselves in the following review!

Zombie Frontier 2: Survive Hack for Money & Gold

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Zombie Frontier 2: Survive Background

The first time you enter Zombie Frontier 2: Survive, you will have to take the tutorial, which will show you the basics of the game, and even throw you into a trial mission right away. Once you are done with that, you will have the whole game map available to you. The map has multiple unique places marked on it like the Profile, Daily Tasks, Slots, Shop, Weapons, Mercenaries or the Video. Other than these uniquely named places, the map also has missions marked with yellow, orange or red markers, indicating difficulty.

Missions are the main part of the game, where the action happens. You just have to tap on a mission marker to be shown the objectives that you need to complete in order to finish it. These can be anything like killing a set number of zombies, while catching a live specimen for the scientists, or a mission where you have to survive an assault of the dead for a specified time, until the helicopter arrives to save you.

During the mission gameplay, you are placed in a run down location in or near the city, where zombies will endlessly march towards you in an attempt to kill you. You can’t move, so your only option is to kill them until the objective is completed. Shooting is done by tapping a button on the screen, while aiming is done by moving your finger in the direction where you want your gun aimed.

Headshots on zombies count as critical hits and do much more damage than body shots, and they also trigger a deep voiced announcer yelling out “headshot”! Not only headshots are what can cause critical hits though, as some of the missions might have environmental weapons placed around, like explosive barrels, which can cause massive damage to a group of zombies. You might also find boxes dropped on the ground, which contain game cash.

Zombies come in multiple types and colors as well, and while types usually mean they look differently, the color of them actually mean they have some kind of bonuses. Green tinted zombies for example are much faster than others, but are also weaker. There are also some zombies that can jump right in front of your face, so be aware of that. Unique looking enemies like zombie bats also require different amount of shots to kill than normal, walking zombies.

Other than these features, Zombie Frontier 2: Survive also has boss battles, which are marked by red on the map. These battles are much tougher than others and require you to finish off a zombie boss. There will be other smaller zombies nearby the bosses as well, but killing them is only neccesary so they don’t kill you first. As soon as the boss falls, you win the level.

What is the point of killing all these zombies and bosses though? Well, there is a leveling and upgrade system in the game. As you level up, you will unlock more and more weapons that will become available in the Weapons menu to purchase with game cash. The game starts you out with a good amount of this currency, but completing levels also earn you some. You can use it to buy upgradeable weapons such as the MP5, Desert Eagle, M4, M32 Grenade Launcher among others, or even a crazy weapon of mass destruction, the AAX, which even has auto aim. Most weapons also need ammo to be bought for separately, but you can even do it during a battle, if you would run out of all your ammo.

The game also has a new feature called Mercenaries. This system is unlocked at level 5 and allows you to hire any of the 5 mercenaries to help you in combat. They will stand by your side in missions and shoot automatically at the zombies, essentially doubling your firepower. Some of them even have rocket launchers or automatic turrets, which can be a powerful opposition to the zombie hordes!

Of course Zombie Frontier 2: Survive can’t leave out the secondary currency, gold either. You can acquire it in great amounts by spending real money. You can buy 100 gold for $1.99, or if you want the most, then you can get 7200 gold for $79.99. Game cash can also be bought this way, with 50,000 game cash for $1.99, or if you want to be really rich, then 3,600,000 game cash for $79.99. There are also unlockables available for gold such as Infinite Bullets, No Reload, Armor Piercing Bullet, 50% Power Up, 30% Fire Rate Up and others to make your gaming experience easier.

Gold can be used for various other things as well, including the purchase of grenades and medkits or using the revival system. Whenever you are in a battle, you can throw grenades which will instantly kill all zombies on screen, or use the medkits to heal to full no matter how many zombies are attacking at the moment. If you would happen to die, paying 5 gold can revive you and kill all attacking zombies instantly to leave you some breathing space.

The game also thought about players who might not want to spend any money on it, so it has features like Slots and Daily Tasks. Slots can be played once a day for free and it can win you up to 3 items including gold, game cash, grenades or medkits. Daily Tasks are often to “Kill 100 Zombies” and similar and if completed can be redeemed for game cash. You can also watch a video under the Video menu for some free cash, or complete one of the many achievements, which all reward you with either game cash or gold.

Cheats & Tips for Zombie Frontier 2: Survive

Zombie Frontier 2: Survive has many kinds of cheats in the game for the player to use in dire situations, not counting those cheats which are not so obvious. Let me tell you about some of these and even share some tips for this zombie shooter!


One of the most useful and serious cheats is the revival system in Zombie Frontier 2: Survive. Whenever the zombies would kill you, you can choose to play gold and revive instead, while exploding all zombies on screen as well. This can be a very powerful tool to win levels that might be too hard otherwise. Then there are options to use grenades to kill all zombies on the screen, or use a medkit to heal to full, which are great cheats as well, but not that useful as the revival. If you can, you should save these for later and instead revive, if you can.

Also remember that mission markers on the map are color coded. The easiest ones are yellow, the harder ones are orange and the boss battles are red. Use this to your advantage and don’t take on too hard missions if you are not ready, especially if you are low on ammo and don’t have much game cash left.


As for a last tip, don’t forget to use your daily free spin at the Slots, or complete the Daily Tasks, because both can award currency that you will seriously need, either for upgrades or purchasing ammo and new weapons. There are even login rewards when you login each day, so if you plan on playing this game for long, then use this to your advantage!

Zombie Frontier 2: Survive Review

Zombie Frontier 2: Survive had me nervous before I started playing it, as judging by the screenshots it looked exactly like most other zombie shooters on mobiles right now. Well, turns out I was close to the truth.


The gameplay of this title can be summed up in two words: Artifically hard. Anytime I was playing a battle in this game, except for the first 2-3, the game made me feel like the developers really want to force you to purchase things for real money. Most of the battles have so many zombies that it’s almost impossible to kill all of them without either having an overpowered weapon, or using the medkit, grenade or revival cheats.

While the gameplay could be okay otherwise, the controls also leave something to be desired, although the look sensitivity can be changed in the options, which is a great feature, it’s still not the easiest to aim. Add the fact that extremely fast zombies are introduced after a while and you will have a hard time landing headshots.


The boss levels are especially hard, with the boss taking almost 600 or more bullets, depending on weapon, while he will hit you repeatedly every 10 or so seconds. Then there are the normal zombies surrounding him as well, so these levels require a lot of attention and the usage of any of the cheats to beat. I honestly don’t think I’m that bad at this game, but it was just really difficult and not fair in most battles. Even with mercenaries, it doesn’t change too much.

Let’s talk about the leveling system, weapons and upgrades as well. Leveling is pretty slow, and while there is an option to use Double Experience by spending gold, it’s not worth that much. The available weapons are also not too different from eachother in firepower, even when upgraded once. I couldn’t afford to upgrade more than once, because my cash was spent on bullets and the MP5, my weapon of choice. Of course there is the black sheep as well, the most expensive weapon, the AAX, which has auto aim. You basically have to keep pressing the shoot button, or place your cat’s paw on it, and the game will aim and win it for you. What a joke.


The options to gain free game cash and gold in multiple way is a nice thing, but they don’t award too much, so free to play players will be at a disadvantage, compared to those who pay up. There is also not much of a story-wise point in continuing the game, as most levels look and play the same, with a lot of reused zombie models. Although there are some new ones introduced at times, like the bat zombies, which I liked.

Overall Zombie Frontier 2: Survive’s main problem is the artificial difficulty, which really is just there to make the player pay up. If it would be fair and the difficulty would not rise from easy to impossible in a single level, that would be great. Otherwise the game might be worth a try, if you really desire a zombie shooter, as it’s definitely not a bad one, but be prepared to get stuck or cash out.


Artwork: The artwork of Zombie Frontier 2: Survive deserves a 4/10. This game uses the same type of low resolution backgrounds and models like most of the similar zombie shooters. Zombies almost look 2D, but move like if they were in 3D, which creates a weird experience. The loading screens and the menus look nice, but the battles are pretty ugly, which is a bit of a turnoff.

Music & SFX: The music and SFX of the game gets an 7/10. At least the music is pretty good and it’s really atmospheric. It pumps you up and makes you feel like you are part of the game’s world. The SFX is as basic as it gets though, with the zombie moans and gunshots muffling almost everything else during levels.

Story & Originality: I give the story and originality of Zombie Frontier 2: Survive a 5/10. There is really nothing exceptional and original about the whole zombie theme anymore. This game doesn’t even try to differentiate itself from others in the genre, and just rides on the overused zombie apocalypse and T-virus. I’m not gonna rate it lower, because there is really not much more to expect here.

General Gameplay: General gameplay wise the game gets a 6/10 from me. The gameplay would be okay, even disregarding the control issues, but the artifical difficulty is the bane of this game. You either spend real money on it to cheat your way through the hard levels, or you don’t progress after a while. It wouldn’t be so ridiculous, if the difficulty would rise in an acceptable pace, but it literally goes from a very easy level to an extremely hard one. The new additions of mercenaries and achievements, along with way to earn cash are a nice touch though.

Addictiveness: I give the level of addictiveness in this game a 5/10. While the game could be called addicting when it’s new, once you realize all of its potential and get to know all the gameplay elements, you will realize that there is not much point in coming back to it. Players who don’t spend cash on it will most likely get stuck after a while, essentially ending their playthrough.

Overall Score: 5/10.




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